God loves you!

So we dropped Mr G as an investigator 😦
He’s the one that sister H had taught for a long time before I even got to Bowmanville. He didn’t come to church yet again and didn’t sound too interested in actually quitting smoking and drinking coffee. So I updated his teaching record and put him into the formers binder… but then later that very night we got a call from Mr. G himself saying how he felt that he should come to church this week. 😛 Buuut he didn’t come. He said he got called into work but “PROMISED” that he’d come next week. So I said “Alright G, talk to ya next week.” To which he said “Yeah, and you know, you guys can call me during the week too and maybe we can meet up again.” Haha glad he misses our lessons.

Our zone set a goal to have 60 member present lessons this week, and sister H and I got 22 of them! Bowmanville ward is the bomb. Our zone ended up getting 67 member present lessons this week. Whoop! The members here are awesome. They’ve given us a bunch of referrals and all of our really solid investigators are referrals 🙂

We’ve seen so many miracles. I feel such an insane love for everyone that we teach. I think I’ve finally started to be able to see people through Christ’s eyes. It’s an amazing feeling. People go through such tough times, but you’d never be able to know sometimes. They put on their tough face and keep on keepin’ on. But THAT’S WHY VISITING AND HOME TEACHING IS SO DARN IMPORTANT. Cause even if you think that someone is fine and dandy not getting a message from you this month, you’re wrong. They need that friendship and they need that love. It makes me so mad as a missionary when I visit less actives and ask them if they know who their visiting/home teachers are and they say no! It really is such and important work.

One of our investigators has been looking for a bed for ages, but can’t afford one. Then on Sunday, a sister in Relief Society asked us if we needed a new mattress. We don’t, but we know someone who does! So we’re going to go over and do some service for her and she’ll give her the mattress for free. Yay 🙂 The Lord answers prayers!

The most profound thing that the Lord has taught me since being called as a missionary is everyone is a child of God. God loves everyone and it’s been really cool to feel even a little glimpse of Christ’s love as a missionary.

One of these days I’ll figure out how to best write these blog entry things. I love you all! Choose the right!

Sister Davidson


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