Messages from the field

Hello, friends šŸ™‚ The MTC was awesome, and warm. One of my companions and I did a musical number for the big relief society session. Sister Janice Kapp Perry was there, and we got to meet her :D. So, now I’m in Bowmanville, which is awesome, and FREEZING. Everyone here seems to think that Edmonton is colder than Bowmanville. Not so. My companion is Sister H from California. We’re teaching a few people right now, but it’s super hard to find investigators. No one really wants to talk to us. If any of you have some awesome contacting ideas, or a sweet door approach, please let me know! My first day here, I met elder Garside and Elder Judd in the mission office. Elder Judd seems to be doing really well šŸ™‚ It was nice to see a familiar face. My zone leaders are elder williams and elder Gollner, both of which are from Alberta. The moral of the story is that everyone here is from Alberta šŸ˜› There’s another set of elders serving in our ward with us. One is from Las Vegas, but the other one is from Taber. Someone in Bowmanville ward is convinced that I have cousins in the ward. I’m sure I do, it’s a small world when you’re mormon. Thank you so much to everyone who has emailed me and sent me letters! It really means a lot. I love to hear from all of you šŸ™‚


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