Survived First Transfer!

Sister Hoki & I
Sister Hoki & I
Working with my little bud using our mad electrical skills
Working with my little bud using our mad electrical skills
Study Hall
Study Hall


Transfers happen next week. I don’t feel like I’m going to move, but who knows! Holy cow I’ve survived one whole transfer. Sweet. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve told you anything about my companion. Her name is Sister Hoki, she grew up in southern california, and then went to Utah for school. She wants to be a surgeon. She’s very smart. She’s been on her mission for over seven months now, and I’m the first person she’s trained. She’s a black belt, and an amaaaaazing artist. Like holy cow. We’re both very goal oriented so we work well together.

We’re teaching a 9 year old boy preparing for baptism. It’s been really fun coming up with creative ways to teach the gospel to him. We played a 10 commandments matching game with him that Sister Hoki made. Kept him entertained for almost an hour!

I wrote a mission work song to the tune of the pokemon theme song. I sang it to a less active member, and she came to church. Pokemon brings miracles, I’m tellin’ ya.

We had to transfer one of our investigators to the Whitby elders 😦 She was in the Bowmanville hospital but then got moved to a care facility out of our area. When we went to say goodbye, her husband pulled us aside and I honestly thought he was going to give us a stern talking to about trying to baptize his wife! But he didn’t. He said, “Now I don’t want to get all emotional, but I want to thank you two for saving my wife.” He was so sincere and it really touched my heart. She was pretty depressed when we first met with her in the hospital and it’s been amazing to see her spirits change, especially after she received a priesthood blessing from a member in our ward that she knew. Her husband wouldn’t take a book of mormon, but he promised that it wasn’t goodbye because he’d see us at church one of these days. His son also wouldn’t take a book, but he has our card and said that he really respects our faith and what we do. They were really so sincere and so heart felt. Probably the highlight of my mission so far. It almost seems like they appreciated us more than she did! Haha I love that family so much. Definitely a very special moment.

We volunteer at a couple of places in the community, and it’s really fun! It feels great to serve others. We’ve also been helping some members of the ward build their basement. I’m practically a pro electrician now 😉 Just kidding. But I’m learning and it’s pretty fun.

We have a pretty big teaching pool right now, and it’s keeping us busy. Which is definitely a very good thing! Especially considering how we only had 2 investigators when I first arrived. I love all of them so much and it’s so exciting to see their testimonies grow! The members of our ward have helped us out so much, and the Lord definitely blesses you when you set goals and make plans to achieve them. I didn’t realize what a feat it was to get 22 member present lessons in one week until we had zone conference. Most people have a really tough time getting 4 member present lessons per week! Man this is only the first month of my mission and we’re already breaking records… I’m excited for what’s to come.

We spend half an hour every week during my training period to become more familiar with So if you feel so inclined, you can go to and search for Brooklyn Davidson and you’ll find my profile. 🙂

Oh yeah, and I saw Elder Judd at zone conference. He’s doing very well!

Thank you so much for everyone who has taken the time to email me. I really love hearing from you! Love you all! Read John 5. Jesus gets all logical on the Pharisees to tell them that he’s the Christ. It’s pretty awesome.

Sister Davidson


3 thoughts on “Survived First Transfer!

  1. I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures. What you’re doing is the real way to live life and I’m learning ways to bring what I glean from your life into mine. Thanks for being an inspiration and sharing your mission. – Jennifer Sommerfeldt –

  2. Hey “Sister” Davidson, sure love reading your blog. You’re being an awesome missionary already, doesn’t surprise me. Stephanie posted a picture of you and Elder Judd on facebook today, so great to see both of you out there sharing the gospel. Who knew two kids from Strathmore would turn out to be great missionaries in the same mission. Glad you have an awesome trainer to start with. Thanks for still being such a great friend to my girl while you are out there serving. You’re in our prayers. Keep up the great work. Hope it’s not as cold there as it is here. Love Ya, Rose Le May

  3. Wow, Sister Davidson. You are doing awesome there! Keep up the good work. Love reading your blog. It is so great that you can see Elder Judd every once in a while. Tell him I am so proud of both of you. You have grown up to be wonderful people. I know the Lord is very pleased with your endeavors and loves you both very much. Your words are so inspiring to me. Just what I needed to hear! Thank you so much. – Sister Maureen Wellington

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