Today while the sun shines!

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Work while the sun shines!
Today while the sun shines

So transfer calls happened last night. Looks like Sister Hoki and I will be staying together  for another six weeks! Which is good, because this is a great place for mission work 😉

IT WAS SO WARM ON FRIDAY. So warm, that we didn’t have to wear our jackets when we were street contacting. People kept telling me that I was going to catch a cold without a coat, but I said, “I’m from Edmonton, two degrees is practically summer weather!” All day we sang “Today while the sun shines, work with a will…” Two degrees can do a lot to affect your mood. For real.

Last Monday night, we picked up our sister training leader who was going to join us for the next day. But she spent all night with the flu, so we dropped her off at a member’s house in the morning and sister Hoki and I did our thang. So, I missed out on exchanges this transfer. 😛

We helped a member of our ward paint furniture this week. She brought her friend, and we talked about the Book of Mormon for a bit. There should be pictures somewhere of that…

Did I tell you about the bed miracle? Anyways, we picked up the bed and delivered it to her this week. She was so grateful!

My eyes have opened up quite a bit to the world of Christianity since I’ve been here. I wish I had studied it out more before I got here. I definitely want to take a university course on the history of Christianity when I get back. It’s fascinating, really

We’re conducting a bible study class this Tuesday where we’ll discuss the New Testament so I’ve been reading the institute manual for that which is way interesting. One hour of study everyday simply is not enough!!! I need like two hours to study, and three hours to record my thoughts on what I studied. For real.

I was flipping through old conference Ensigns when I came across “More Than Conquerors Through Him That Loved Us by Paul V Johnson. Basically, he talks about why people go through hard times, which seems to be a common concern. He quoted some good scriptures!

I love what he says about 2 Corinthians 4:15-18. The apostle Paul calls our afflictions “light.” This coming from the guy who was “beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, imprisoned, and who experienced many other trials.” Paul V Johnson points out that “Yet in comparison to the blessings and growth we ultimately receive, both in this life and in eternity, our afflictions truly are light.” Everything we endure helps us to renew our inward selves. Bring on the trials right?! … ha

Hebrews 12 talks about chastening, and in verse 6 it reads “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.” Upon first reading, that doesn’t seem very fair. The word “chasteneth” sounds a little harsh. But Hebrews continues to explain that like a father chastens his child, our Heavenly Father chastens us. Not for his own pleasure, but because he can see our potential and wants to help us improve to be able to fulfill it. Fathers chasten out of love, and we love them for doing so. Why then, do we curse our Father in Heaven for chastening us? It admits that in verse 11, chastening at the time isn’t a joyous experience, but it’s necessary so that we may profit and improve ourselves. Chastening doesn’t just happen when you do something wrong, but when you could be doing something better. There’s always room for improvement! Chastening comes in many forms, whether it be trials, hardships, or tests of faith. Chastening certainly isn’t a fun time, but we have been promised that we won’t be given any trial above what we can handle. And if we endure it well, “God will exalt [us] on high” (D&C 121:7-8). We grow from every experience we have, which helps prepare us to meet God after this mortal life (Alma 34:32).

So, as unwelcomed as they are, trials are for our benefit. Learn from them. 🙂 Now go and read that talk, cause it’s super awesome and super short and only takes 11 and a half minutes to listen to if you don’t wanna read it. Here’s the link:


and in closing,


I love you all. Choose the right. 🙂

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