Breaking o’er the purple east

Emarlyn goes to Bowmanville
Emarlyn (the bear) goes to Bowmanville


And the pictures that inspired them
The planner Sister Hoki made for me
The planner Sister Hoki made for me










Happy Easter! Here’s a video about Christ for ya:


A couple weeks ago I wrote about how I had one dog friend named Roo. Sadly, my friendship with Roo has come to an abrupt end. I thought we were all cool, then she got all growly and scratched my arm and ripped my tights. Friends off. As soon as I open up my heart to one dog, she just goes ahead and breaks my trust. I don’t know if I can trust another dog again…


So anyways, this week has been pretty slow. =/


I was sick on Tuesday, so we stayed in. Wednesday we had to drive around trying to get our car fixed (we got side swiped my first day in the field, breaking our side mirror. It has yet to be fixed) so we didn’t get much missionary work done then either. It’s so hard to run errands like this without google!!! We had to keep calling the mission office for phone numbers and directions. It was a hassle. After all that, we finally got the oil changed, but they wouldn’t rotate our tires. We would have to drive out to Whitby (which is like 40 minutes away) to order a new mirror and then drive back in later to actually get it installed, so that still hasn’t happened. We also learned that the front right tire has something wrong with it. I don’t know anything about cars so that’s about all I understand. 😛 Anyways, Thursday we did a bunch of service which was fun. 🙂


Friday we had our district meeting, which I made peanut butter chocolate cake pops for. I really love baking. I didn’t even end up eating a cake pop, but I just enjoy the process. After, we helped a lady in our ward scrub her floor. It was preeeettty filthy!


Still love cake pops!
Still love cake pops!

There’s a few girls in our ward who come out teaching with us from Young Women’s. They’re using their time with us to count towards completing some of their personal progress goals. They say they enjoy it too, so that’s a bonus! They’re awesome.



The Young Women in our ward have some pretty cool activities that we get to hear about in Ward Council. They went thrift shopping one day to buy dresses, and then for the next couple of weeks, they’re altering the dresses to make them cute/modern/modest and then in June, they’re having their Young Women’s In Excellence Gala where they’ll have a little fashion show and show off their new dresses. This all counts as a ten hour value project of course, so I thought that was a pretty cool idea! I’ve decided that I need to learn how to sew when I get home. I never really had the

patience before and I’m not sure if I do even now… but I want to try!!


On Saturday someone threw whipped cream at our car…. That was interesting! We left Newcastle with a clean car, opened the door in Bowmanville and discovered a mess of something splattered across the side of our car! I thought it was paint initially, but then Sister Hoki sniffed it and it was definitely whipped cream.  You can’t see it in the picture but it’s all over the back of the morror too.  We tried to use our Dexter skills to do a splatter analysis to figure out how the heck that even happened.  😛 And how did we miss that?! Anyways, we washed it off and it was all good haha.

Whipped cream?
Whipped cream?


One of our investigators brought his whole family to church this week. It was awesome! One of our former investigators also surprised us by showing up to church! Sister Hoki and I also sang a musical number in Sacrament meeting. 🙂 It was the first time Sister Hoki has ever sung in public. It was awesome! I think it went really well, and it made one of our investigators cry, so that must be a good sign, right?? We sang “Learn of Me” by Janice Kapp Perry, which I don’t think is technically supposed to be sung in sacrament meeting, but the ward music director suggested it so we just went with it!


IT’S SO WARM. Like, above fifteen degrees warm! No coat even! Except it’s supposed to snow again this week… but we won’t talk about that.


I got a BEAUTIFUL package of Easter Cards from the primary this week! Best gift ever!


So transfers happen this week. A transfer is a period of six weeks. I’ve been in Bowmanville for two transfers, so twelve weeks. (Eleven, if you wanna be specific. Which also means that I’m almost done training! Whoop whoop!) We get the call on Sunday if one of us is moving to another area of the mission, then on Tuesday we move. They usually keep one missionary in the same area so that they can update the new missionary on what’s going on and introduce them to the ward and such. Sister Hoki has been here for six months and I’ve only been here for three, so she’s probably getting the boot.


Sometimes I forget that not everyone reading my blog posts knows mission-speak. If I ever say anything that doesn’t make sense, please tell me! I really don’t know who reads this so if you have any questions, send them my way!


Also, if your family or religion has some cool Easter traditions, I’d like to hear about them. =) I’ve learned a little about what other religions do for Easter and it’s pretty cool!


Love you! Happy Easter!

Sister Davidson

We went to Carl's house for dinner on Sunday & we had the hardest time figuring out where he lived.  Sister Hoki illustrated our adventure
We went to Carl’s house for dinner on Sunday & we had the hardest time figuring out where he lived. Sister Hoki illustrated our adventure
Us missionaries be so Canadian eh?
Us missionaries be so Canadian eh?
The week before transfer calls we get Kinder eggs to do transfer predictions.  I got a flower ring and Sister Hoki got  a cool monkey dude.  What do you think that means?
The week before transfer calls we get Kinder eggs to do transfer predictions. I got a flower ring and Sister Hoki got a cool monkey dude. What do you think that means?



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  1. So glad you enjoyed the cards… the kids actually cheered when we asked them to write to the missionaries on the 5th Sunday!! Have a great day!!

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