I know that my Redeemer Lives!

So it was Easter this week. The video on http://easter.mormon.org/ is the one you really need to watch. So good! Apparently it’s floating around facebook, so maybe y’all have already seen it. I wouldn’t know 😛  A family in our ward gave us little easter baskets. Very nice of them 🙂

I’ve been told that Oshawa zone is like a black hole: once you’re there, it’s impossible to escape. Transfer calls happened last night, and Sister Hoki and I will be together for another transfer in Bowmanville. It’s looking like I’m going to end up spending one third of my mission here, and Sister Hoki will be here for half of her’s : P I guess the kinder egg meant that I’m “planted” in Bowmanville?

The Elders that shared our ward with us are both getting sent elsewhere, so we’ll have two new missionaries in our ward that we’ll meet on Friday.


Sister Hoki’s Ninja Skills
Lake Ontario
My District
Sister Hoki and I













Hope you all had a good Easter! Love you!

Everyone go read 1 John 1. Love everyone. 🙂

Sister Davidson


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