At least Judith was nice!

This week has been wild.

So this past week I celebrated my 4 month mark! At the end of this transfer I’ll already be a quarter of the way done…. gracious!

We found out that there’s a provinical election coming up in Ontario, so now we have to compete with Jehovah’s Witnesses AND political canvassers for door-knocking. Now I understand why people haven’t been to receptive lately : P One lady opened her curtains, shooed us away with her hands through the window and just said “Go away!” Cast off the dust from your feet and keep on a truckin’.

Tuesday evening it started POOUURRRING around 8 half-way down a street we were tracting. Missionary work keeps on rain or shine and myyyyy goodness we were soaked! It was fun though, because we were prepared with our fancy rain boots and jackets and had fun splashing through the puddles from house to house. We had to wring out our skirts a couple of times, but it certainly didn’t stop us from dancing in the rain. I tried to warn a few people to start building their arks. One person thought I was funny : P

Saturday was weird. It was Tim Horton’s 50th birthday though, so we got free doughnuts and Sister Hoki felt like she was a participant in a historical moment in Canadian history haha. Funny how a coffee shop has completely dominated Canadian culture in the span of fifty years.

Anyways, we did more tracting and met the nicest lady ever who is probably the most positive lady I’ve ever met in my life. You just felt happy talking to her. She wasn’t interested in organized religion, but promised to check out and she was very interested in family history work. Her name was Judith and she’s great. Then a couple doors down we tracted into a pregnant lady and a man who I assume is her significant other. As we approached the door, some dude is howling inside and continues to howl as the lady opens the door with her significant other standing behind her. They both looked like they were in their late 20s. The woman was sober but I’m preeeetty sure the guy was high. As we’re talking to the lady, the guy starts chanting “God. God. God.” with a completely straight face. It was really hard not to laugh but the lady wasn’t interested anyways so we started walking away. The dude kept chanting and was getting louder. “Yep, we believe in God! He’s pretty great!” We’re almost up to the next house when he goes off in some African language, then his girlfriend finally shoved him inside. I think he was upset that we weren’t more freaked out haha. That was probably the weirdest experience I’ve had tracting. I did a poor job explaining it but it was hilarious : P

There are a lot of rude people in this world and it’s really hard to be charitable sometimes. So my thought for this week is for everyone to read the “Charity and Love” section in chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel. Something I’m trying hard to develop! Charity is really what mission work is all about. Whenever someone is a little on the mean side, Sister Hoki and I say to each other “at least Judith was nice!”

Monday was Victoria Day, and our ward had a BBQ with a live band and fire works. It was an open mic type deal so Sister Hoki and I sang Book of Mormon Stories with one of our younger investigators. It was fun 🙂

Sister Davidson


“Happy Birthday to Auntie Trudy, and Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Davidson!”


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