Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Your “No Soliciting” sign ain’t gonna stop us. We’re not selling anything, Sir. The gospel is free 🙂

I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if “No Proselyting” signs started popping up…

It has been so beautiful and warm this week! Once the snow disappeared, it stayed that way. And that’s how it should be. I hear you Albertans have been getting snow all over the place. Suckers. 🙂 We went running every morning this week, and have been walking as much as possible. It’s awesome 🙂

On Friday, we had a little time to kill, so we decided to walk to our next appointment, which would take about 20 minutes. We could have taken either Mearns or Liberty Street.
Sister Hoki: Which way should we go?
Me: Which way is the Spirit guiding you?
SH: Let’s take Mearns.

So Mearns we went. About half way there, both of us needed to use the washroom. The closest washroom was on Liberty Street, so naturally I questioned how in tune Sister Hoki really was with the spirit haha. But, a family in our ward lived around the corner, so we took a detour to their house. On the way there, we see them walking with their son towards the park. If we had been a couple minutes later, we would have missed them. So after we’ve been inside for maayyybe three minutes, it starts POURING and thundering like crazy out of nowhere. Then they drove us back home to get our car. But I guess Mearns really was the way to go, or else we would’ve gotten soooo drenched. I think that might have made for a funnier story though : P But there’s another sign that the Lord’s watching out for us.

The father of one family that we visit is a chef and owns a catering business, so he’s an AMAZING chef. He asked us what our favourite foods were a while ago, and all of my favourite foods make me sick 😦 But I told him that I loved fettuccine alfredo, and he made it LACTOSE FREE. I didn’t even know that was possible, but he did it and it was delicious. That was a very good day.

Oh yes, and Happy Mothers’ Day! If you haven’t already, watch the video on It’s so awesome 🙂 On Mother’s Day we got to skype with our families 🙂 I love them! In three more days, I’ll have been out for four months already. Craaaazy.

Our proselyting day starts at 10am and ends at 9pm, so if our last appointment of the day ends a little before 9 o’clock, we go for an “obedience walk” around our neighbourhood until 9pm. During Monday night’s “obedience walk” we found the most awesome investigator ever. We set up an appointment for the next day, and he’s been reading on and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he’s been reading that too. He’s pretty awesome.

Home and Visiting teaching is so important, my friends. We’re kind of at a stand-still in our less-active work in Bowmanville ward. There’s not much more we can do without home and visiting teaching involvement :/ So here’s my spiritual thought of the week: Please do your home and visiting teaching and make the Bishop’s and the missionaries’ jobs easier 🙂

I got voluntold to do another musical number for the last Sunday of this month in sacrament meeting. I’m going to do a piano arrangement of “For the Beauty of the Earth.” Wish me luck! God must really want to shatter my comfort zone….

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


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