Missionary Tan lines, Minions, and a whole lot of Spring!


Guten Tag! I finally got to use my limited knowledge of German the other day! We were out talking to people about family history work, and this one guy moved to Canada from Germany when he was 11. And we had a conversation in German for like, one whole minute! It was sweet hahaha.

I don’t even know what happened this week. It was sunny all week which makes it even harder to differentiate between the days. Not complaining about the sun though! I swear, this is what spring is supposed to look like! Once the snow melted, it stayed melted. All the trees are blossoming and flowers are blooming and no one has to worry about their plants getting destroyed by the frost. It’s magical.







I have, however, started developing some wicked missionary tan lines/burn lines.

We had to drive to Peterborough this week for district meeting, which is about an hour away, and it is beauuutiful. So green and springy. And hilly. I didn’t realize how flat Alberta really was until I got here…

​I meant to take a picture of a Maple Tree this week but I forgot. Are there any maple trees in Alberta? Because I swear I’ve never seen one there before. They are EVERYWHERE here. They’re very pretty πŸ™‚ I didn’t know they came in different colours. There’s green ones, yellow ones, purple-ish ones…. very pretty.

​We decided to go on a car fast on friday because we were getting awfully close to going over our monthly kilometer limit. We walked all over the place. It was awesome, I love walking. A car is definitely a blessing but I kind of wish we were in a bike area so we could get a little more exercise in!





Speaking of exercise we went for a 6k run last monday. It felt awesome. Until I took of my shoes and found a blister the size of Quebec on my foot.
​Nothing a little polysporin and a box of bandaids can’t fix. Blisters are the most annoying things ever.

Our car FINALLY got fixed this week too. On my very fist day out in the mission field, we parked our car to go street contacting, and when we came back, the side mirror was destroyed. Someone side swiped us and didn’t even leave a note =( We decided to name him Nemo since he had a defunct fin. πŸ™‚ Since it’s a mission vehicle, we had to go through the vehicle coordinator, and then through insurance and salt lake and holy moly was it ever a process. We had to go get an estimate but we had to go into Whitby to get it which is out of our area, etc etc. BUT FINALLY, three months later, Nemo has been fixed.

Thanks mom for the subway cards!! The ladies who work there probably know us by name now… the one chick doesn’t even ask me if I want cheese on my sub anymore πŸ˜›





We had this plant in our apartment which looked very sad and dreary when we first got here. But I babied it and put it in the sun and now it’s growing again πŸ™‚ I named it Glen Coco. I thought it very fitting.

We’re teaching this one boy who is nine years old and is preparing for baptism for the end of next month. He has a younger brother who just says the best things.
“If I got to Spirit Paradise, I would scream!”
“Because I would just be so happy!”

As I mentioned last week, there’s a provincial election going on here in Ontario. On the day we decided to do our car fast, we walked to Southern Bowmanville to do some tracting. Southern Bowmanville is about an hour and a half walk for us. We went to one street that we picked out prior to our journey, and they all had Liberal flyers in their mail boxes or stuck in their doors. Door knocking is even less effective if someone else has been in the area earlier that day, so we decided to go to another street that I had picked out a couple of days ago. It’s right on the highway, so there’s no where to park. Naturally, I thought that their doors probably don’t get knocked on very often. First house we walk up to has a Jehovah’s Witness flyer in the door handle. We decided to knock anyways. They weren’t home, but their neighbours were very upset that they were getting another religious visit that day. The Jehovah’s Witnesses had been there literally half an hour before us. COME ON. But, as we were walking away, our Ward Mission Leader had seen us walking around earlier, so he drove by and gave us freezies πŸ™‚

We’re not teaching too many people right now, so we’ve been spending a lot of time finding. Before we left our house after lunch, I prayed that God would place his prepared children in our path. The VERY FIRST person we talked to wasn’t currently practicing a religion and accepted a Book of Mormon. Before we had a chance to set up an appointment, she says “So will there be some sort of follow up?” Of course! She gave us her address and her phone number before we even asked her for it. The Lord answers prayers! Unfortunately however she bombed our appointment so this story has a lousy ending… but it was still pretty cool! We’ll try her again later this week.

So this week I performed a musical number in sacrament meeting. I played Jon Schmidt’s arrangement of “For the Beauty of the Earth.” Very fitting song for this week I think! This is also the last week of the transfer, so we’ll be getting our transfer calls next Sunday. I’m expecting to stay here and get a new companion, but who knows!

A lady in our ward made me and Sister Hoki these awesome hats! I’ll learn to crochet one day.


Preach My Gospel is a wonderful resource and I’d encourage you all to read the little blurb it has on Patience on page 120 and read the scriptures that go along with it. “You must be patient with all people, yourself included, as you work to overcome faults and weaknesses.” That is definitely something I struggle with. I want to be good at everything immediately. Which obviously, isn’t possible. Sometimes we need to take a step back and stop being so hard on ourselves. Just be a little better than you were yesterday. We also need to be patient in our afflictions and while waiting for answers to prayers. Everything is on the Lord’s timeline.

It’s so important for us to develop these Christlike attributes before we actually need to use them. One lady we were teaching was so upset with another lady and had built up this grudge towards her. In my opinion, she was definitely justified in her anger. However, this hatred was really starting to consume her. When we tried to explain the principle of forgiveness and patience, she wouldn’t have it. When we tried to explain that forgiveness is really more for her benefit than for the other lady’s, she said that she felt great being mad at her. What?! “Hate destroys the hater much more than the hated.” – Elie Wiesel. It’s hard once you’re in the situation to look at it through Christ’s eyes if you haven’t braced yourself for it beforehand. It’s like they always taught us in Sunday School “Choose you this day whom ye will serve.” Decide beforehand that you’re going to take the higher road. Decide before you need to exercise patience to try and develop it. Study and strive to understand the principle of forgiveness before you’re given the opportunity to need to forgive.

Big shout out to Grandpa Woolf and Aunt Lara – Happy Birthday!
Well I guess that’s all for this week. Make good choices!

My Zone
My Zone

Sister Davidson


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences and inspiration! I think Glen Coco is a Christmas Cactus.

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