Howdy! Happy Canada Day!

Our Canada Day Outfits
OH Canada
OH Canada

Howdy! Happy Canada Day!
I celebrated the national holiday eating food, winning potatoe sack races, and teaching referrals at our ward picnic. Our ward is so awesome, let me tell you. They all brought nonmember friends, and we had the opportunity to teach some of them! So that was really cool πŸ™‚ It was a potluck, and as I’ve said before, our ward is very international, and that was definitely reflected in the food! Lots of different kinds of rice and salads and desserts. All very delicious πŸ™‚

On July 1st, we had to go renew our bus passes, so we walked to the station and right when we got there, a lady walked up to us and asked us for directions to 19 Northdale Road…. our chapel!! Turns out, the elders met her at the library the day before and invited her to come to the ward picnic. So we walked with her to the chapel and the whole way there, she was telling us about how we were sent from God, and how He sent us to the bus station because there are no coincidences! She’s awesome πŸ™‚ She loved the picnic too, and the Elders are teaching her now!

On ‘Murica Day, a member had our entire district plus the other Farsi companionship over for a BBQ. Me, Elder MacMillan, and Elder Tu’ilotolava are the only ones who aren’t from America. But I think that was my first ‘Murica Day celebration ever.

Sister Griffin in her American Day Outfit
Sister Griffin in her American Day Outfit

We scouted out downtown Toronto last Preparation Day. It’s not really how I remember it. Which is good, because I was dying of the swine flu the first time I went down there hahaha.

Down town the CN and Me
World Cup
The CN and Emarlyn
Emarylyn and Gretzky

Our investigator back in Bowmanville was baptized yesterday =)

We met our new mission president this week. I think he’s awesome! I didn’t know President and Sister Scott very well before they left, but I really felt like I connected with the Claytons. He’s all for technology and loves the idea of online proselyting. The Bretheren said they want all the missionaries in North America to have iPads by 2015, so we’ll seeeee. Apparently there’s some legal issue that they’re trying to iron out in Ontario. But President Clayton is all for them. We also get to go the temple with our converts when they do baptisms now! Wahoo! So I’m excited about the upcomming changes. We’re focusing a lot on retention, which is very, very good. The missionaries are also incharge of teaching the new member lessons now. Which I’m a litle sad about because it really should be the ward’s responsibility but I guess it just wasn’t getting done. So in that sense, I’m glad that the missionaries have a little more power over the situation now. So expect to see me on Facebook soon, because President Clayton was very clear that that is going to happen fairly soon.

This upcoming week is week six, or in other words, the last week of the transfer. Which means Sisfter Griffin is going home, and I’m getting a new companion =( It’s weird knowing that for sure 100% absolutely I’m getting a new companion. I’ve learned sooo much from Sister Griffin. She’s such a bold missionary and I hope to pick that up from her!! We work together really well, so I’m sad that I’ve only had six weeks with her. But again, I’m excited for the change.

Again, our ward is so awesome at missionary work. At church on Sunday, there were 6 nonmembers at church that members of our congregation had brought. In addition to that, the missionaries had 5 investigators at church in total. We were able to talk to one of the friends at church, and now she’s our new investigator! We’ve had a super good week.

I don’t remember if I’ve filled you in on this story yet or not, but on my birthday, we got aΒ  text from the zone leaders saying that there was a couple who wanted to come to church and gave us their contact info. We called a few times and couldn’t get a hold of them. But later that week we got a voicemail from them and we learned that they were former investigators from about a year ago who want to meet with us again! So we’ve been meeting with them and the husband is suuupper, suuppper prepared. We’ve had the most spiritual lessons that I’ve ever had while on my mission. Yesterday, they were supposed to come to church so we waited in the foyer until 10:10 and then finally gave up and sat in the chapel for sacrament. It broke my heart because EVERY SINGLE testimony that was borne was just exactly what this couple needed to hear. But then at the end of the service, we turn around and they’re sitting at the back!! They got a little lost finding the chapel, but they made it at 10:15!! They stayed for the next two blocks, and I think they really enjoyed it. We invited the husband to fast yesterday for confirmation about the divinity of the Book of Mormon and Jospeh Smith. We fasted with him as well. We’ll follow up with them tonight πŸ™‚

I had my first Fillipino meal yesterday. So. Much. Food. It still wasn’t anything different though. I don’t think I’ve been fed anything super ethnic or different since I’ve been here.

It’s Sister Girffin’s Birthday today so we’re going to celebrate by getting Sushi πŸ™‚

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


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