You say Goodbye and I say Hello

Bula! Which I learned, means hello in Fijian. 🙂

​I love being a missionary!

Holy moly this has seriously been the fastest six weeks of my life! I can’t believe the transfer is over already!!
Hmm. This week. Whaaaat even happened this week.

So, it was Sister Griffin’s birthday on Monday 🙂 We went out for Sushi and went shopping. And then we had another awesome lesson with our most solid investigator! We were going through the baptismal interview questions, and asked him if he felt like he had fully repented of his sins. He said 98%. He then explained to us how he drinks a can of beer every now and then at social events and he felt like God didn’t like that. We haven’t even taught this guy the word of wisdom yet. He knew, through the power of the Holy Ghost, that drinking alcohol wasn’t pleasing in God’s sight. So he called himself to repentance right then and there and we laid out a plan for him to quit for good. Later in the week, this same investigator texted us saying he had “good news” and couldn’t wait to tell us. But we couldn’t call him for another hour and a half!! Finally, we called him and he told us that he talked to his (Catholic) family and they said they wanted to be there for his baptism! So now his for sure baptismal date is August 3rd. I’m so excited for him 🙂

We had a cake decorating contest with the youth. Our theme was Summer, so we made a lovely beach complete with a bonfire, a hut, hidden treasure, beached whales, and a little forest. I think we should have won… 😉


I absolutely love ESL. We talked about “Entertainment” last week, and we spent basically the entire lesson learning the difference between things that were fun, and things that were boring. The class I teach barely speaks English, obviously. At the end, one student said that “English class is not boring because we have good teacher who make it fun.” :DThey’re the best class ever. They’re learning so quickly. I swear I didn’t brainwash them to say that hahaha. Then! On Sunday, FOUR of our ESL students came to church!! And they loved it!

We had exchanges this week. I stayed in Don Valley with Sister Fisher. She’s from Fiji. We had a fun time tackling the buses 🙂

Sister Griffin and Elder MacMillan had their departing interview with the mission president yesterday, so we got to hang out at the mission home for a bit and talk to Sister Clayton. She is seriously the nicest person ever! She’s so honest and open about their adjustment process and being in Canada. She’s so cute about it haha. “Today I learned what an RP..PR… uhhh an RPL is!” (And RPL is a referral present lesson). They came to the Mandarin ward last Sunday, which meets in our building so we saw them there too.

At our last Coordination together, we had “Tim Tam Slams.” Our ward mission leader served in Australia, and I guess this is an Aussie thing. You bite a corner off of a TimTam and use it as a sort of straw to drink hot chocolate. You have to slurp up the cookie before it melts and drops into the hot chocolate. It was a messy time haha.


The Book of Mormon Broadway play is coming back to Toronto this year. They have all these promo things up on Yonge Street. Naturally, we had to take a picture.


Sunday, as you all probably know, was the World Cup Final. I showed my support with a red, black, and yellow outfit. hehe 😉 Go Germany!


So, we got transfer calls last night. I get to stay in Don Valley!!!! I’m so excited!!! I’m killing off Sister Griffin, and training a new missionary!!! I’m so nervous, but more excited!! Man we just figured out the buses ourselves, I’m not sure if I can train a newbie how to bus contact haha. But that’s where the Lord steps in 🙂

I’m sad that I only got to spend one transfer with Sister Griffin. I truly did learn so, so much from her. But, like always, I’m excited for the adventures that lie ahead.

Love you all!!
Sister Davidson

My district
My district

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