Green fire!

THE MIRACLES THAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK. Oh man where do I even start.

So, transfers! The training meeting was super cool. It was President Clayton’s first time sending out new missionaries and training the trainers! Also, I learned that President Scott picked the trainers and matched them up with the trainees, President Clayton prayed about it and felt strongly that it was right. So, two mission presidents paired up me and my companion. That surprised me actually, I didn’t know President Scott very well. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me… because he didn’t call me to be a trainer, God did.

Anyways, Sister Lundin is the bomb! She’s from Logan, Utah. She’s 20 and just super willing to do whatever it takes to become a powerful missionary. Heck, she already is a powerful missionary. First day in the field, she tackled her fear straight up and talked to everyone in her sight. I was definitely not that courageous my first day out! Also, her first day in the field she got thrown right into teaching ESL. She did great 🙂


Something else that was cool that I forgot to write about when we first met our new Mission President & his wife, was that they told us that they had been praying for us since September. I got my call in September. 🙂

At transfers, my trainer Sister Hoki, and her trainer Sister Stats, were both there so we took a 4 generation missionary picture, which President Clayton uploaded to facebook. We were even colour coordinated… now that’s what I call unity.

Facebook post
Facebook post



Tuesday night, we got a phone call from the bishop’s wife, telling us that a lady moved into our ward boundaries from Bowmanville!! Sister Hoki and I visited her frequently, and I know her very well. She’s amazing, and I’m so glad that we get to visit her!! We went over and helped her unpack a bit. I’m really glad that I knew her from before, otherwise she might have slipped under the radar here…

There was an investigator that Sister Griffin and I met on the street a few weeks ago and lost contact with. A few days before the transfer ended, I felt like I should text him and invite him to church. He said he’d come! But then on Sunday he wasn’t there. 😦 He said he slept in. Grrrr. But then Sister Lundin and I scheduled an appointment with him to give him a chapel tour. Sister Lundin invited him to be baptized in front of the baptismal font, and he said yes! And then he came to sacrament on Sunday! Whoop whoop!

On Wednesday I think, we had spent a toonnn of time travelling on buses and contacting. I was super exhausted. On the Subway home I just did not want to talk to anyone anymore, buuut I had a trainee so I did. He told me he wanted to learn English, so I gave him an ESL card and our number and that was that. Sunday morning at 9:40, we got a phone call saying he wanted to meet us. It took me a minute to figure out who it was, but then I remembered! I invited him to church and he said he’d head right over! So he came to sacrament! He said he understood about 30% haha. But he loved it and wants to come back!

Being a trainer definitely makes you bring your A game. You know that you are wholly responsible for setting this missionary’s expectations for missionary life, and that they’re looking up at you as an example. It’s exhausting hahaha. But so awesome at the same time! My desire to be the best missionary I can be has increased ten fold, which I didn’t even know was possible. However, this extra hour of studies in the morning is killing me haha. So. Much. Inside. Time. It’s effective and necessary and all that jazz, but I just want to be teaching people instead. 😛 Especially since so much time is eaten up by buses as it is.

The couple I talked about last week, the husband that is progressing towards baptism, well they both came to church again this week too and LOVED it. He’s so excited for his baptism 🙂

A Filipino member has brought her sister to church for the past three weeks, and we’re teaching her now. 🙂 She read the introduction to the Book of Mormon we gave her last week. We’re gonna follow up on Wednesday!

So, yes, my friends, 5 people came to church this week! GREEN FIRE MIRACLES. I can’t even believe how blessed we’ve been. We hit standards the first week of Sister Lundin’s mission. 🙂

There was a missionary farewell last week at church, and his grandparents were there. I was introduced to them because they were from Alberta. I then learned that his grandpa dated Grandma Davidson back in the day. Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore. The world is such a tiny place.

We got a new bishop on Sunday. I went over to his house for dinner last week, and his family is so amazing. I’m excited to work with him 🙂

On Sunday, we picked up an extra companion for a couple of hours, Sister Bauss. She’s in Mandarin work. Her companion got emergency transferred, so she hung out with us while she waited for her new companion to arrive. Or rather, we hung out with her and did Mandarin work! We went for dinner at her bishop’s house, and all the Bayview missionaries were there, and they were all speaking Mandarin the entire time. 😛 Sister Bauss translated for us. Sister Lundin took Chinese in high school so she could pick out a couple of words here and there. All that I picked up on was that you put “ma” at the end of a question haha. We ate some delicious food, and then some recent converts shared their testimony about their baptism. I couldn’t understand a word, but the spirit was still definitely there.

Man I could talk forever about this week! I can’t even comprehend the amount of miracles we saw.

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


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