I love to look for rainbows

Let’s start off with our miracle for this week…. FRANK!!

We had his baptismal interview on Monday, and then on Wednesday we gave him a bunch of invitations to hand out. While we were still there, a firefighter dude came up to his house to give him a flyer and Frank goes, “Wait! Do you want to come to my baptism?” and gives him an invitation. He’s so great.

I don’t know if this happens everywhere, but the president of the FLDS church always sends our bishop mail at the chapel. Weird. πŸ˜›

This week, our chapel was still out of commission. We were planning on just joining the Don Mills ward but then Saturday afternoon we got a call saying we were moving to the Broadview Chapel… go on google maps right now and look up 1099 Broadview. We took a picture in front of the sign, but you can’t see the building at all… SKETCH. It used to be a car dealership or something and hasn’t been used in like two years. It’s also way far away from our chapel. But anyways, Frank, the investigator getting baptized this week, still came! Since we had been planning all week to do his baptism at the Don Mills chapel (google that one too. It’s huge), we kept it there.

We had never been in this chapel before so it was an adventure trying to find the font! Once we did, we discovered it was preeetty dirty, so we had to hunt down a mop and clean it up haha.

We were a little concerned about how many people would come to the baptism since it was in the evening and at a foreign chapel. But I counted 39 during the refreshments, and there were some out in the hall too!

President and Sister Clayton surprised us by attending the baptism as well πŸ™‚

Frank and the Claytons
Frank and the Claytons

It was a wonderful service. Sister Lundin and I shared the message of the restoration while Frank was getting changed. We had been practicing teaching in unity all transfer, and it went really well! Sister Clayton even commented afterwards how perfectly unified we were πŸ™‚Β  The other elders in our ward had some investigators there, and the YSA sisters from Mills found out we were having a baptism and brought one of their investigators as well. So in total, there were 5 missionary companionship there including us, plus President and Sister Clayton, plus the bishop and our ward mission leader, and a bunch of people from the ward. Potentially a little nerve wracking to teach the restoration in front of all of those people! But Sister Lundin didn’t seem nervous at all and it went great.

Elder Gollner, a missionary from Alberta, taught Frank about a year ago. When we asked who Frank would like to baptize him, Elder Gollner was the first person he said. He said that Elder Gollner played a huge role in helping him to get his life right in the eyes of God and to make those necessary changes. In our mission, missionaries aren’t allowed to go back to their old areas to see the baptisms of people they taught. But Elder Gollner got special permission from President Clayton to travel all the way from Kingston to perform Frank’s baptism. We’re supposed to keep that on the down low so shhhh. πŸ˜‰ It was pretty special to have him there, and it really meant a lot to Frank.

Elder Gollner

So, Sister Lundin and I got to share our first baptism together. πŸ™‚ Yay!!

Since Monday was a civic holiday here in Ontario, our preparation day got moved to Tuesday this week. Which I am very grateful for because yesterday it POURED and it would have been the WORST to walk home with groceries in that weather!

And of course, in the morning, you’d never know it was going to rain…. because we don’t get the weather report. #lamanstylemurmur

Anyways! We went out blitzing, which is where we put up flyers for our ESL class. We’re responsible for 40 flyers every week so we decided to try and get that done in the first day of the week. We got off the bus headed to Bathurst, and HOLY DOWNPOUR. Now I’ve been caught in the rain before, and gotten pretty soaked. But this one really takes the cake. DRENCHED. It was literally like we were standing underneath a waterfall. There was so much water in my eyes that I couldn’t even see! But by this point we only had 5 posters left and we were determined. So we sprinted from bus shelter to bus shelter and finished our ESL blitzing all on Monday. I could’ve filled up a bathtub with all the water I wrung out of my dress… Toronto rain is nice. It’s warm. We had a blast accomplishing our goals for the day and dancing in the storm haha.

I decided on the title for my blog on Sunday after the baptism, but yesterday’s events just make it seem that much more fitting.

I’ve been slacking on the spiritual thoughts lately… mostly because I feel like no one reads them πŸ˜›
But yesterday after the storm passed (and the sun came out and you’d never know it was storming half an hour ago), we went out contacting on Yonge Street (the longest street in the world) with a recent convert. To try and make contacting a little more interesting, we opened the Book of Mormon, pointed to a random word, and had to fit that word into our next contact. I had a hard time trying to say “land” in a contact, which now thinking back really should have been pretty easy… but anyways. One time I said that people say that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but it’s not. Church is. Cheesy, but hey they committed to come to church! Anyways, that got me thinking about how I really feel about church attendance. Why do you go to church? And I’m looking for those doctrinal answers, but really. Honestly, why do you personally go to church? I know that sometimes I catch myself being less than excited to sit through all those meetings. We should go to church with the attitude that we’re going to learn something. And we should determine to apply what we’ve learned into our lives. Church really is the happiest place on earth! It’s God’s house, how could it NOT be happy?? You feel His spirit there, we learn how to be better disciples of Christ, we are strengthened by each others testimonies and support, and of course, most importantly, we renew our promise with God that we’re going to be a little bit better than we were last week. There’s a quote that I love and I wish I brought it with me so I could say it word for word… but I believe it’s from Anne of Green Gables. I’ll paraphrase it poorly for you: “I am thoroughly convinced that you can enjoy almost anything if you make up your mind firmly that you will.” Don’t be grumpy at church. πŸ™‚ Especially on fast Sundays. Just like the rest of the commandments, fasting isn’t supposed to be a burden. Heavenly Father asks us to do it so that he can bless us more abundantly. How are you supposed to receive all those wonderful blessings if you’re grumpy when you keep His commandments? So remember, church is the happiest place on earth. Especially on fast Sundays πŸ™‚

I like hearing about your spiritual experiences, especially your missionary experiences. So please share them with me!

Love you all!
Sister Davidson

PS, Happy Birthday Britney πŸ™‚

NorthYorkCentre ItTakesALongTimeForTheFontToFill Cinderella selfies during dinner


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