Perserverance and Faith

Hello, my friends! Or in my phonetic Belarusian: Vee-tai-yoh!

Frank was confirmed this week 😀 So that was pretty cool. He’s so stoked to go to the temple and do family history work!

We also had exchanged this week. I stayed in Don Valley with Sister Wanlass from Bountiful, Utah. I think I’m going to have a pretty good idea of the geography of Utah just from all the companions I serve with here…

Exchanges was fun! We taught a woman who had this theory that the devil wanted to make sure everyone got back to heaven and no one was lost and that the Father didn’t create the Earth, but that Jesus did under Hid direction… Time to get baptized, my friend. We’re meeting with her again next week 🙂IMG_3048

We met with our new Bishop this week to discuss the ward mission plan. Something I loved that he said was that it needed to be the “ward’s” mission plan, and not the “ward mission leader’s” plan. It doesn’t seem like wards really take ownership of the ward mission plan or have much faith in its success…. or even know what it is. So, find out what your ward mission plan is and get involved to make it happen! I’m excited to see this ward grow. Our purpose, not just as missionaries, but as members also, is to help bring souls unto Christ. Whether that means they’ve been estranged from Christ and we need to help bring them back, or they’ve never known Christ and we help show them the way. The ward mission plan isn’t just about converts, but about strengthening the members and the less active members. For the most part, I think that members really do want to be involved, they just don’t know how. That’s where we (the missionaries) come in 🙂 So if you don’t know how, invite the missionaries over for dinner and ask how you can be more involved in helping your ward mission plan take effect! I really loved an insight from the Spirit during our ward council yesterday… The bishop read with us the first few verses of Mark chapter 2. Here’s a sweet video to give you a visual… So Jesus is teaching inside of a house and there’s a huge crowd. These four guys have this friend who is stricken with palsy but they know that Jesus can heal him. Since there’s so many people surrounding Jesus, they are magnificent problem solvers and make a whole in the roof to lower their friend right in front of Jesus. Jesus is amazed by their faith and heals their friend. They physically brought their friend unto Christ. It took four of them to help one friend. I think that’s typically the ratio that it’s going to take. It needs to be the effort of the ward as a whole to help bring these souls (back) to Christ. Even if it takes busting through a roof to do so. Perseverance and faith, my friends!

Well. I don’t have too much to say this week. But my shoes have definitely saw the end of their life on Saturday. My left shoe would still be wearable… but my right… well, I don’t think any amount of duct tape can solve this problem.

Love you all and I’m so happy to hear from all of you!
Perseverance and faith!
Sister Davidson



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