Spectators from the spirit world

Hey there 🙂

Well this week we spent a lot of time going through our ward list again and finalizing which phone numbers don’t work, who doesn’t come to church regularly, and who doesn’t even live at the listed address any more. Bleh. Paper work. But! It will be super helpful to the ward and to future missionaries as well. And our bishop. He’s the bomb. Side note, I don’t know if other missions do the whole “dot map” thing, but it would be a really smart idea for the VT coordinator in a ward to pair up with the missionaries and take notes on who lives close to who and who’s active yadda yadda. Missionary work is a lot more productive when the ward leaders and the missionaries coordinate their efforts 🙂

Our ESL program is growing a ton! We’re seeing a lot more students come to class and we’re finding a lot of new investigators from it! This week, we had 2 new ESL students come to church from our companionship, and then I think there were at least 4 more from other companionships. It’s growing!!!

The Book of Mormon Musical premiers in Toronto on September 16th. To capitalize on this free publicity, the church is having 3 or 4 members follow around each companionship in the Toronto Stake on September 20th and live tweet what they do. All day long. Our 5th Sunday this month is dedicated to training for it. How cool is that?! So, sign up for Twitter and look for #mormon on September 20th. Transfer calls are next Sunday and boy oh boy do I ever hope to stay in this ward with Sister Lundin!!

Our Gospel Principles teacher went away for school and a new one hasn’t been called yet, so the missionaries have been alternating teaching the class. Two elders taught it last Sunday, to their surprise haha. Aaaand the lesson was on the Law of Chastity. It was a little rough getting started, to say the least. And there were like 6 new investigators there haha. Anyways, Frank was in class and one of the Elders asked him what was one thing that he really liked. Like cars, or motorcycles, or sports or something. He thinks about it for a second, and then he says “Well right now I’m really into reading the Book of Mormon…” haha! He’s the best! Later in the lesson, when asked why the law of chastity was important to him, Frank talked about how it helps keep him focused on the temple and eternal marriage. FRANK! Oh man I have been so blessed to be able to teach you!! We’ll get to go to the temple next month with him when he does baptisms 🙂

I really love Don Valley ward. I’ve learned so, so much and we’re always so, so busy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. City life is the life for me.

Speaking of Baptisms for the dead, go and read Quentin L Cook’s address from last General Conference, “Roots and Branches.” Then go do some family history. 🙂 It’s way cool. We’ve been talking about family history a lot with our investigators and it’s super cool! Because, when you share the gospel with someone, you’re not just helping them on the path to eternal life, but all of their ancestors too! Because of that one person, ordinances will be performed for their ancestors on their behalf and their family will be bound together. How cool is that?! I’ll tell you. It’s way cool. Which then made me think about everyone I see on the street every day! Their ancestors are probably looking down, watching, nudging them this way and that, waiting for their posterity to find the gospel so that they can receive those saving ordinances. I imagine them on the edge of their seat, watching as their relative walks down the street, right in the direct path of a missionary. They get SO EXCITED as they come closer together, and then…. the missionary passes them by. I imagine it’s like when you’re watching a big sporting match and they miss the goal. I just picture everyone in the Spirit World “NOOOOO” as this marvelous opportunity passes them and their relative by. So, pressure’s on! Talking with everyone brings miracles! I fully believe that my ancestors and everyone else’s, are watching over us and guiding us on the path towards eternal life so that our families can be together forever.

Here’s a cool video for you: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2010-05-1080-why-mormons-do-family-history?lang=eng

But that’s not just the missionaries’ obligation, you know. The ancestors of your friends are watching you too! They’re up there waiting, hoping and praying that you’ll share what you know with them. Think about that for a second. Now who do you know who has ancestors that are ready to receive the gospel, but are waiting for someone to be baptized on their behalf? Everyone, right? Right. Family history is a super chill way to spread the gospel. So many people don’t know who even their great grandparents are! And you can help them, through the numerous free family history resources we have through the church. So here’s my commitment for y’all: will you invite someone to do family history with you this week? Yes? Good. I will too. 🙂

Love you all! Spread the word!
Sister Davidson

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