In every condition: in sickness and in health

What up! Or as they say in Hararric, Amantarhee! (.. phonetically according to sister davidson)

Natuarally, the week after I write about the blessings of overcoming the natural woman, is the week that I start to DIE of an awful cold. Ohhhh man. I was hacking all over the place this week. But I’m better now! Sometimes I think that God makes you sick just to see how you’ll react…

We had a challenge this week to invite at least 10 people every day to be baptized during a street contact. I love a good challenge so you better believe we did it! And whoaaa the miracles! I lost my voice for a little bit on Friday but we needed to invite 4 more people to hit our goal. I literally squeaked a couple of times while extending the baptismal invitation hahaha. They must have felt the spirit though because one of them said yes! I was surprised at how many people claimed to be Christian but had never been baptized before. I thought that was a pretty standard thing for Christianity! A couple people actually accepted the invitation to be baptized and we’re meeting with them again this week!

We decided to dye Sister Lundin’s hair this week. Using my wonderful hair dying skills as taught to me by my mother, I think it turned out pretty good! … even though we did use drug store dye… (we’ll repent later)

Hair Dye
Hair Dye

One day while on the train, I spotted a Chinese man reading the Bible, so I sat down next to him to talk to him about it. He didn’t speak much English, but he was a Baptist and had a very strong faith in Christ. It was wonderfully refreshing to hear! In the middle of our conversation, a Muslim man sat down on the other side of me and started reading his Qu’ran. Three people sit beside each other on a bus: A Baptist, a Mormon, and a Muslim. Bible, Book of Mormon, Qu’ran. … that sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Ha. Anywho, how many places in the world does that happen?? Only in Toronto.

We met a sweet lady this week from Pakistan who fed us traditional food from her country. It was SOOO GOOD. New favourite for sure. Her dad told me that I look Yugoslavian. … I’ll add that to the list!

We also had Caribbean food this week with a sister in our ward that we’ve been working with. Also delicious!

Frank and Lorena had us over for homemade El Salvadorian Pupusas last night. So. Much. Good. Food.


Speaking of El Salvador, a man came to our ward for the first time this week because he just moved to Canada from El Salvador. He was baptized three months ago and said there were six sister missionaries who helped him get baptized. Didn’t sound like any of them were sister patterson 😦 But that would’ve been so cool!

On Sunday we had a missionary sacrament meeting. Since there’s six missionaries in our ward, we did the musical number, and a couple of missionaries spoke. I didn’t speak, but I played the piano for the musical number of “How Firm A Foundation” which conveniently has been stuck in my head all week. Sister Lundin and I also taught the primary kids! We practiced with them how to invite their friends to church. They have such sweet spirits.

Fun fact, humidity was at 94% yesterday. Sweaaaattyyyy.

Remember Elder Johnson from Bowmanville? Well he’s serving with me again in Don Valley! He was the one who got the serious shout out during the Canada-wide broadcast. He’s such a stellar missionary.

Elder Gunnell came back to the ward and is now training the new Farsi missionary. So Sister Lundin isn’t the youngest one anymore 🙂

Yesterday we were trying to contact a lady in an apartment building but didn’t have her phone number or her buzz number so we couldn’t get in. We asked a lady sitting on a balcony if she knew the lady we were looking for buuut she spoke zero english and we speak zero spanish! Haha! But I know how to introduce my self as a missionary in Spanish, and I know how to count to ten! So I told her who we were and that we needed apartment number 9 😛 I guess she understood cause she let us in! Haha it was sweet!

The Brethren have reaaallly pushed for members to utilize their social media tools to help hasten the work and spread uplifting messages about the gospel. This morning, we watched a video about one woman’s reaction to watching “Dayton’s Legs” and how that lead to her whole familiy being baptized. Except I can’t find the video online!! It was about 20 minutes long and it was an AWESOME example about how social media is such an effective way to spread the gospel. So my thought for this week is that you should all share the gospel with your friends in little ways. Take some time looking at some of the AMAZING videos the church has produced. Mormon messages, I’m A Mormon videos, the new Bible Videos, Church History videos… there’s SO MANY and they’re all SO UPLIFTING. So take a minute this week and watch a few. Share them as you feel so inspired 🙂

And as always, tell me about your missionary experiences! Tell me about the small miracles you see in your life everyday. I like hearing about that kind of stuff 🙂

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


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