Since school is back in session now, there has been an influx of teenagers EVERYWHERE.Especially on the buses. My friends, I am so scared for this younger generation. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?! And the things they say…

Anywho, we ran into a super cool former investigator the other day! Last week actually, we were on our way to visit a less active family when we see this girl outside. When sister griffin and I white washed in, the last sisters were teaching a young mother of 4 but we were never able to make contact with her. We dropped by once and met her, but she didn’t seem to interested in meeting anymore. But that was the lady we saw last week! And we scheduled an appointment for this week 🙂 We taught her the restoration and she told us that she’s been reading the book of mormon and knows that it’s true! She wants to be baptized so badly but has to work out some word of wisdom issues first. Which we’re helping her with 🙂 Miracle of the week!

We actually had a suuuuper busy week. It was awesome! Appointments all over the place. Except EVERYONE got sick Saturday night!!! So no one came to church 😦 3 Less-Actives that we’ve been working with came though! One of which wasn’t there last week 🙂

Our Twitter day got moved to October 11th, so I may not be in Don Valley any more for it 😦 But I guess it’s a mission-wide thing, so everyone sign up for Twitter!

Fun fact, you can indeed see the stars in Toronto. It gets so dark so early now! I’m used to the sum going down at like11 in Edmonton…

We had Filipino food this week. Indian is still my fave so far.

We found Manner chocolate in the mall this week 😀 Mmm I miss Austria.

We had Caribbean food this week too. I don’t think I’ll ever use a fork again…

Aaaand Taco Bell. 😛 The hot sauce packets had very conflicting messages…

This week, we were looking everywhereeeee to find a screwdriver that we had borrowed so we prayed about it and instantly I thought “let’s look on top of the couch.” And there it was! God answers prayers, my friends.

IT WAS SO HOT AND HUMID ON FRIDAY. But then we had a huuuge thunder storm and it’s cooled down since. I love fall 🙂

On Sunday, we took a lotttt of selfies. Just because. #SelfieSunday

We’re teaching a lady from ESL who only speaks Serbian so we’ve been printing off pamphlets in Serbian so she can understand since her English is sooo minimal. But she’s been reading the Book of Mormon in Serbian and knows it’s true! Yay!

We had Zone Training this week and ohhh man it was directly for me. There are missionaries who hit standards consistently every single week, and missionaries who seem to be able to baptize every single week. I am not one of those missionaries. So I had kinda a “Mid-mission crisis” and started feeling pretty sorry for myself and wondering why I haven’t seen more success. And thennn zone conference happened. They talked a lot about turning outward. Being a Christian is all about looking outward. If we’re always worried about “me” all the time, then we can’t possibly see God’s bigger picture. As missionaries, nothing is about us. Everything is about those we serve. Yeah, baptizing and confirming people is central to our purpose, but so is helping people repent, and endure to the end. We’ve done a lot of less-active work here and we’re definitely doing our best to try and help strengthen the ward. The change that we’ve seen in people -whether we’ve been around to see them baptized or not- has been incredible. As I’ve tried to turn outward and really focus on loving everyone that we come into contact with, I have felt an extreme difference in my attitude and level of enjoyment in missionary work. Some times, I think that we get into a little hole of self-pity when we’re stressed or things aren’t going our way. The only cure for that is to turn outwards. Serve someone else. Don’t focus on you- when you do, you will never be able to fulfill your potential. Rely on the Lord. “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Matthew 16:25

So go serve someone else this week 🙂
Love you all!
Sister Davidson

Crazy TalkingtoLee Ghosts Selfie3 DSCF0410 IMG_3153 Elevator MessyMessyStudyDesk IMG_3143 SelfieSunday


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