Bless Them that Curse You

Monday was very warm, and then Tuesday it dove down to 12! Had to whip out the jackets. No snow for us though… suckers 😉 It rained a ton on Wednesday and we were ACTUALLY prepared with rain coats this time!

Sooo many people this week told me about the snow in Alberta. Wasn’t surprised one bit 😛

Prepared for the rain
Prepared for the rain

We had exchanges on Tuesday. I went to Oshawa, which is the last zone I served in. It’s a car area. Oh man honestly that day was so slow. We drove around from one place to the next…. I don’t really feel like we accomplished much. I want to be on the buses forever! We had a dinner appointment, too. Roast beef and mashed potatoes. Yup, definitely back in Oshawa. So long story short, I was really glad to be back in Toronto haha. When we drove back into the city it literally felt like home. That happy, relieved feeling. It was nice. Transfers are gonna be rough for me…

While on exchanges, I learned that an investigator that Sister Hoki and I had found our last week in Bowmanville and passed to the YSA elders has come to church 4 times and even brought her friend last week! That was pretty cool to hear 🙂


So on Saturday, we went to go see a less-active who lives on Bathurst street. Bathurst street is heavily Jewish. And Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath. Whoops. Anyways, we go in to his building, and one of our former investigators is there as well so we chatted with her for a bit in the lobby, and then this Jewish guy comes up and joins in the conversation. I had actually met him before last transfer on exchanges where we explained what missionaries do. He was very nice and friendly… until he realized why we were back on Bathurst Street. Our conversation turned to religion, obviously, and he tried to tell us all these reasons why Jesus couldn’t be the Christ. The guy we were trying to visit just lost it and bore his testimony like crazy. He’s Jewish by heritage, but Christian by faith. He was baptized some 20 years ago and has come back to church consistently since we started teaching him 3 transfers ago. So the guy realized what we were doing, and gave us his “curse” for “hurting” our less-active friend since he’s Jewish and we’re trying to convert him. What he didn’t know is that he was already baptized and already converted. Honestly, I couldn’t tell is he was joking or not at first because he was such a happy, smiley, jokey guy. He wasn’t joking. He cursed us, promised that we would feel it, and stormed out. Then we found out that he’s a Rabbi! So we got cursed by a Jewish Rabbi! How many people can say that? Sooo that was an interesting experience! We has a good laugh about it and proceeded to have a wonderful lesson with our less-active whose testimony is just burning within him now!!

Ohhh how could I forget?! Frank went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead!! And we got to go with him 🙂 It was so cool. He loved it and wants to go back 😀 His wife even came too, and read the scriptures in the waiting room while we went. Sister Lundin and I handed out towels. I think being a temple worker would be super cool.

Toronto temple
Toronto temple

So, that’s my week! Here’s my thought… “be not weary in well doing” – 2 Thessalonians 3:13. That scripture shows up in a couple of places, actually. We are all servants of God. We all set out to do His will. And when He reveals His will to us, He will make a way to accomplish it. He will give us allllll the help we need and will never give us more than we can bear. So please, please, please, don’t complain about it. It turns a good deed into something so sour. It’s okay to feel stressed and burdened, but you will grow as a result. That’s something I’ve definitely learned lately, and I definitely feel less stressed and less burdened when I don’t complain about how stressed and burdened I feel.

There were also a lot of really good talks on tithing this week in sacrament meeting. Maybe I’ll share those thoughts another day. Just obey God’s commandments and pay your tithing fully. The longer I’m out here, the more I understand that life is really just all about obedience. God knows better than we do, so we’re really just saving ourselves a lot of trouble if we’d only obey Him more fully.

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


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