Spiritual Sunscreen

The weather here is gorgeous!!! The leaves are turning colours and the average temperature lately is 23 🙂 This is the way September is supposed to be.

Ever since my flirtation with the sun in Bowmanville, I have made sure to wear sunscreen every single day. However, I was feeling lazy one day this week and it was cloudy outside so I decided to forgo sunscreen for the day. When we leave our house in the morning, we often don’t come back until 9pm because of our busy schedule. Well, it was a silly decision to not wear sunscreen because the clouds cleared up and I got so burnt!!! Which made me realize an interesting analogy…
It didn’t matter how many days in a row I had worn sunscreen. Those previous applications did not protect me on the day that I chose to not wear sunscreen. Which is sort of like our daily observance of prayer and scripture study. As missionaries, we get an hour of personal study every morning. You would think that if we missed one day it wouldn’t really matter since we already study so often. However, some days meetings and other things interrupt our studies. I can testify that there is a huge difference in my day if I haven’t had the time to study the gospel in the morning. It needs to be a consistent, daily activity. Even when you think it’s cloudy outside or you don’t have much to do that day so you don’t think you’ll need that much spiritual strength… weellll you’re wrong! That is the very day when you’ll need that strength the most. It’s an imperfect analogy, but the point is, apply your spiritual sunscreen daily and your ability to withstand temptation and respond in a Christlike manner will increase. As my new favourite Primary song states… scripture power keeps me safe from sin. Scripture power is the power to win! Scripture power… every day I need the power that I get each time I read. True story!!!

Well last week’s kerfuffle seems to have fizzled out. The lady who left the voice mail always makes a point to hug us with a warm smile whenever she sees us, so I think the storm has passed. Phew!!!

Our member referral, S, is doing well and is still looking good for baptism on the 12th!!

Our other investigator though (I don’t know if I ever named her. She’s T, though) fell off the map. She keeps cancelling our appointments ten minutes before they start, which is especially annoying since it takes an hour to get to her house by bus… It’s sad because she has such a strong testimony of the gospel and of the Book of Mormon. And the way we found her was certainly not coincidental. (She’s a former investigator that the previous sisters had taught and we were visiting another family in her neighbourhood who wasn’t home and she just so happened to be outside). I think the hardest part about missionary work is getting so close to someone who then pulls away or rejects your message 😦 We just have to remind ourselves that these seeds were planted for other missionaries to harvest.

I met a Romanian woman on the bus who only spoke Romanian and French. She (like the rest of the Europeans in Toronto) was convinced that I was Russian and told me, in her broken English, that I looked like Miss America, who apparently was Russian. 😛 What a sweet lady. Anywho, I was able to recall the little French that I know and we were able to communicate and I invited her to our English class. So that was cool 🙂

Speaking of English Class, we also teach a free French class on Saturdays. I’m the building manager for our building, so I’m the one who does all the paper work for ESL and makes sure teachers are arranged, etc. Our teacher for the French class was unable to teach this week- as were our 5 backup teachers. So I ended up teaching French class! Haha I actually recalled quite a bit more than I thought I’d be able to. It was fun. I quite enjoy teaching and learning other languages.

Oh yeaahhh a few zones went to the temple this week. We drove back with the Richmond Hill Sisters who somehow got their hands on the CDs the Farsi elders use to learn Persian. So we spent the whole drive back mastering lessons one and two 😛  Farsi yeh kami baladam.

Which reminds me… one of the sisters serving in Richmond Hill is from Airdrie, Alberta, and her last name is Woolf! Comparing our family trees, I’m preetttyyy sure that we have the same Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa 🙂

We woke up at 4:15am to go to the temple on Saturday, and that evening we got in from the General Women’s Broadcast at 10pm. Long day!! Thank goodness for fast Sunday lunch aka nap time. How awesome was that broadcast?!?! I enjoyed it much more than the last one, personally. I especially enjoyed Sister Marriott’s talk. Definitely one I’m going to study again!! It was also cool since the whole thing was pretty focused on the Temple and we had just been to the temple that morning. OH HEY, mom, you said you went to the temple on Saturday too, right? cool 🙂 Anywho, it was just so great. I loved it. and how adorable were those korean primary girls?! Ah I love it. We went to the stake centre to watch the broadcast. They had five different rooms set up where the broadcast was viewed in Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, and Portuguese, and then English was viewed in the chapel. It’s so cool to be part of such a multicultural stake! Sister Lundin and I have been plotting ways to sneak into the Priesthood session of conference Saturday night… man I hate having to wait so long for the conference ensigns to come out!!

The Book of Mormon Musical is out in full swing. There’s even ads on the Subway. Which is a BEAUTIFUL opportunity to start talking to people…. “Hey, (points to the ad) have you seen the Book of Mormon musical? Well the Book is better! Let me tell you about it…”


If you’ve read the Ensign this month, you’d know there’s an article in there about Toronto. I would just like to point out that the ward spoken of in that article is in Etobicoke which is part of the Greater Toronto Area, but isn’t really Toronto. 😛 Kind of like how the “Toronto Temple” is really in Brampton.

I read the March 2007 New Era on Missionary Work. Everyone go read that. There’s an especially good article on what to write to missionaries about… 🙂

Well I love you all! Have a beautiful day! Today we’re going downtown now to defeat the Ossington Zone in dodgeball.
Ho da hafez!
Sister Davidson



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