And then there were two…

IMG_3422After an amazing lesson on Friday, we got a call from Elder Karl…. telling us that Sister Anderson is getting Emergency Transferred to Kitchener because one sister was going home a few weeks early for school…. She left Sunday night. Our apartment just feels so empty without her… I guess she’s needed in Kitchener. =( Sister LaPoint’s fist full proselyting day as a missionary with only one companion will be tomorrow on exchanges. Weirdddd.

Now that I actually have my planner with me, I see that I had planned to talk more about fear last week. Being a missionary and sharing the gospel is all about having no fear. So here’s a neat experience for you that happened this week!

If there’s one thing that Sister Hoki drilled into my head from training, it’s the necessity of talking with EVERYONE. That is something that I was extremely uncomfortable with at the beginning of my mission, but now it is truly one of my strengths. That is a talent that has only continued to increase as I serve in Toronto, where there’s ALWAYS someone to talk to. Talking with everyone is definitely a strength that Sister Griffin and Sister Lundin both had. However, talking with everyone is something that I realized my two new companions weren’t as comfortable with. Even though I’m able to talk with everyone, it’s still certainly not something that I enjoy. So, without a companion to continually hold me accountable for not always opening my mouth, I started to get a little lazy. On the streetcar this week, we all spread out and sat down beside different people, as we usually do. And yet, all of our mouths remained shut. I had been praying to figure out how to help us be more motivated to open our mouths, and was having this inner battle in my head as I looked at this mother and daughter sitting next to me. They probably wouldn’t be interested, just like 99% of the people we normally talk to, I didn’t want to interrupt their conversation, I didn’t know what to say, blah blah blah, excuses excuses excuses. And then I realized that as senior companion and as a trainer, I had a responsibility to set the example. So I opened up my mouth. I don’t even remember what I said. Turns out they’re AMAZING and just got their keys to their new house the day before. So we’re going over tomorrow to help them unpack! Well, I guess I’m not since I’ll be away on exchanges… But anyways, that experience helped me learn that the best way to motivate is by example, and that I don’t need to depend on anyone to hold me accountable for doing what I know I need to do.

Oh yeah, so remember how last week I told you that we weren’t teaching anyone promising? Well miracles!! One guy we had been teaching, J,  FINALLY started reading the Book of Mormon and he’s already on Alma 58! He’s committed to coming to church next week and hopefully we’ll start to see some real progression with him soon.

The last sisters were teaching this guy who’s a magician and a public speaker. We haven’t been able to get in to teach a lesson since I’ve been here since he’s flies all over the country to perform. We stopped by one night to schedule an appointment, and we were telling him where we were all from and he said that he performed a show in Strathmore High School! And I TOTALLY remember it. He did a straight jacket escape and how Houdini did it and they dislocate their shoulder to do it… So yeah, I’m teaching him about the gospel now. 😛 He’s been reading the Book of Mormon even though we haven’t been in to teach him 🙂 They have an appointment for tomorrow on exchanges. Man all the good stuff always happens on exchanges…

Ahhhh I just want to tell you about all the amazing people we met this week. So Luis, the el salvador guy, is the bomb dot com and introduced us to his friend, K, who runs this organization to help homeless people heal spiritually and temporally. She’s Catholic and oh man she just shines. She has the light of Christ like no one I’ve ever met before. We taught her the restoration, and when Luis bore his testimony at the end, the Spirit was so strong and she recognized it! We’re going to meet with her on Wednesday to help with some renovations she’s doing 🙂 Oh! And while we were there (we taught her in her office), one of her coworkers asked if she could join in on the lesson. She literally lives less than five minutes away from the chapel and is coming to church next week! Yesssss!

And then there’s the family. We’ll call them the E family. They’re from India but have lived all over the place. They have an adorable 3 year old son. So they were taught by the missionaries in California because they had a member friend who they’re very close with. Anyways, they’ve been to church a ton, got blessings, been the the temple grounds, the whole deal. They moved to Toronto for work, and we actually got their information through a media referral so we thought that he was contacting us. We called and he was surprised that we got his number, but invited us over. I think the missionaries in California tried to be sneaky and sent us his info haha. Either way, it’s a miracle that we were able to get in contact! We taught the restoration and he said his only hesitancy for baptism was because he works on Sunday, and therefore couldn’t be a “good” Mormon. We’ll see about that 🙂

And then there’s A, Luis’s sister! We’ve taught her the first two lessons so far this week, and she came to Stake Conference on Sunday! Her Spanish is better than her English though so we might have to pass her to the Spanish sisters…. =(

L, another investigator that the previous sisters found, also came to Stake Conference! He actually wasn’t going to, but when he heard that Sister Anderson was leaving, he cancelled his plans. There was even a baptism right after that he attended 😀 The baptism was for the Mandarin elders so the ordinance was performed in Chinese! A recent convert from a few weeks ago performed the baptism. It was so cool! The service was in Mandarin, but the Spirit was in English. 🙂 And L felt it, too.

And I didn’t even write about the investigator we were teaching right before Elder Karl gave us the most devastating phone call of the week. Her name also starts with an L, so that’s confusing. She’s from China though, so I’ll call her Chinese L. 🙂 We found her through ESL. She’s been to Israel, the Vatican, and basically every other religious site in the world. Except for Utah… She’s outstanding. She took the restoration pamphlet we left with her and make notes and questions and everything. So when we actually taught her the first lesson she was super prepared! She’s going back to China in two months though, so we’ve got a timeline! :O

So yeah, things are definitely picking up in our area!!! It’ll be a little more difficult since we’ll need a third female now to teach all of these single males… but it’ll just stretch us to work more effectively with the members.

Stake conference was amazing. Especially because Don Valley is in the same stake so I got to see everyone from my last area! The three less-actives that we were working with were all there and it was SO AMAZING to see them still going strong. Sister Lundin was there too!!! So I got a picture with my two daughters 🙂 Sister Lundin had investigators at Stake Conference, too. So proud of my little baby 🙂

My last relief society president told me that she missed me, and missed my ability to play the piano. 😛 They lost their relief society pianist when I left, haha. Toronto ward is equally sparse on piano players and I am currently filling in as pianist there as well haha. I have played the piano in relief society for every ward I have served in so far 😛

The chapel that I serve in now was the same chapel that President Monson attended when he was mission president here–fun fact.

Perfect love casteth out fear, my friends. Pray for the gift of charity that you may have it more abundantly.

Love you all!
Sister Davidson



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