It’s cold eh?

OrangeSo exchanges were this week! … I don’t have much to say about them. 😛 They’re always fun and I always learn a lot. But I went to Mississauga and I just really dislike leaving my area for the day, because you miss out on so much! Like, J finished reading the Book of Mormon! Like, the ENTIRE book! In three weeks! He was going to come to church yesterday, but he got really sick. He sounded like he was dying on the phone, so I believe him. Next week though!!! He has opened up so, so much.

Kinda a funny story that actually happened a couple of weeks ago that I never wrote about. So we were SUPER late getting home because the train broke down. This guy starts talking to us, he’s really nice, and says “tell me something I don’t know about Joseph Smith.” So Sister Anderson told him that he was a mayor, which he didn’t know. Then he says, “I wonder what happened to him… probably dysentery or something.” “Uhhh he was murdered.” He was shocked to hear that, and we committed him to look at There are a lot of people out there who are so closed minded and think they know everything about our church, and yet they don’t even know that Joseph Smith was murdered. That goes for any subject or religion. So be kind to people of other faiths!! This guy wasn’t mean, it was actually a pretty humorous conversation. But it just goes to show that no one knows everything about anything.

There’s a whole bunch of construction going on for the balconies in our apartment building and they finally made it up to our floor this week. IT IS SOOO LOUD. The caution tape is halloween decorations haha.
On Halloween, we actually had to drive to Brantford for a doctor’s appointment so we spent most of the afternoon and evening in the car. We switched name tags and called that our costume. 😛 Sister Hoki and her companion just so happened to be there at the same time, so we get another family picture!

Halloween costume
Halloween costume

We borrowed the YSA sisters’ car to get there, and before we left for home, we had to get gas and our GPS refused to tell us where the nearest gas station was!! It kept rebooting and freaking out and spazing. While we were in the car, these trick or treaters come down the road wearing hockey masks and holding ski poles. The whole scene made me feel like we were in The Purge. Freaky!! We ended up going inside to ask the doctor for directions and made it home just fine!


The CN tower did a disappearing act Halloween night.


I hear y’all Albertans got snow! Suckers. It rained all Halloween day and night and after studies Saturday morning, we looked out the window and it was snowing! It all melted before it hit the ground though. The temperature has definitely taken a dive, though. You know the feeling when you jump into a freezing cold lake? It feels like that. It’s so weird having it so cold and wearing a winter coat and boots, and yet there’s no snow….

fun fact number one: you can see New York on the other side of the lake from our apartment view 🙂

Fun fact number two: My hair really is naturally blonde!

Fun fact number three: I’m blind. My eyes are getting way worse Dx


Remember Luis? The recent convert from El Salvador? Well let me tell you more of his crazy story. So he lived in the El Salvador West mission. (Is that where Kenny is?) A whole bunch of different missionaries taught him and then he was baptized. His family at the time was living in Canada. He was super strong for a while, and even baptized his friend! However, a little while later, there were some unkind rumours floating around about him and it really turned him off of the church. And he was so sad that these people who were once his friends and helped him embrace the gospel were the same people spreading these rumours. Fast forward a few months, and he moves to Canada to be with his family. He got a job at Superstore and one night after work, he notices this building with very familiar architecture directly across from his work… it’s an LDS chapel! He hadn’t intended on coming to church out here, but he took that as a sign and went on to figure out which church was closest to him and what time the services were. He called the Toronto Ward bishop, but he never answered his phone. He called the old Don Valley ward bishop (and our bishop had just changed so his number should have been updated, but it wasn’t) and his wife answered and told him about our ward.

When he first attended, I thought he was the elder’s investigator because he was wearing jeans and a Nirvana shirt and was sitting beside them. He came to gospel principles and I learned that he was actually baptized in May. It was September when we met him. He had a lot of questions during the class, and I assumed that the elders were going to teach him the new member lessons. (Never, ever, assume). Two weeks later, there was a stake fireside which Luis attended. Afterwards, I asked him if he was meeting with the elders and he said no! So we scheduled an appointment with him and started teaching the new member lessons.

Then we find out that he doesn’t actually live within our ward boundaries. He should be attending Toronto Ward. Our bishop was really concerned about his fellowship into the church, being a new member and all, so he wanted to make sure that the transition went smoothly. This happened the week before transfer calls.

We get our transfer calls on Sundays, and the Saturday before he asked if Sister Lundin and I could teach his sisters. We asked our district leader, and he said that the Toronto missionaries would have to teach them. Sad 😦

Sunday night… and I get called to Toronto ward. So I took his teaching record with me and made sure he came to Toronto ward!

And now we’re teaching his sister, and she came to church last week!

I am just amazed at how this all worked out so perfectly… He shared his story with us about his conversion and disappointments in El Salvador and how he didn’t want to come to Toronto ward because he was finally starting to make friends in Don Valley… and it all just worked out. He bore his testimony in sacrament meeting this Sunday and he just such a spiritual giant. The gospel has truly changed him.

OH YEAH and this week we helped him prepare his dad and his grandpa’s name for the temple!!! He’s going to be baptized for them on November 29th. 😀

I love youuuu and I love Toronto and I love missionary work and I love the gospel.
Have a good week!
Sister Davidson


One thought on “It’s cold eh?

  1. Hey Sister Davidson, sure love reading your blogs. Your are truly an awesome missionary. 88,000 strong, and now you and Kenny are serving at the same time, isn’t that wild. Kenny just started in the field this week, and has an awesome companion that acts like him and kinda looks like him too. He is actually serves in the El Salvador San Salvador East Mission, but the West Mission shares the city of San Salvador and all the missionaries in El Salvador get to go to the temple there which is in the West boundaries. First week out Kenny says they teach and walk. And teach and walk. They have a great pool of investigators, and Kenny is teaching in Spanish already. I love hearing about the man from El Salvador and his sister. Keeping you and your companions in our prayers. Keep warm, Love, Rose Le May

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