winter wonderland

Well hello! Transfer calls happened last night. And we didn’t get one. πŸ™‚ Yay!! So I’ll be spending Christmas in Toronto with Sister LaPoint! If you’d like to send a card or a letter, I can give you my apartment address. We can’t receive packages to our apartment, though.

Sister Hoki, my mission mom, is now a sister training leader! She’s companions with my MTC companion, Sister Mandla. πŸ™‚ Sister Lundin is still in the blessed land of Don Valley.

Fun fact: Ryan Gosling’s mom is in our ward. Yeepppp. She hasn’t been to church in the past couple years, though. Gonna invite her to the ward Christmas party!

We helped another recent convert, Anna, do family history this week! She’s prepared 5 family names to take to the temple! We also received permission to go with her to the temple on the 29th! Luis will be there, too. πŸ™‚


We helped J stop smoking this week! We taught him on Wednesday and he hasn’t smoked since! Then he came to church again for all three blocks and got a priesthood blessing from the Elders to help him overcome his addiction. He was smoking two packs a day and now he’s on day 5 of no smokes πŸ™‚

Wow a lot happened this week…..

On Tuesday we got a call from the Zone Leaders about a meeting happening in Brampton on Thursday. Didn’t have any idea what the meeting was about. All we knew was that I was going and Sister LaPoint wasn’t. Secret combinations! Just kidding… Anyways, it was an all day meeting for the zone leaders, district leaders, sister training leaders, and a few special guests like me? SO MANY CHANGES HAPPENING IN THE MISSION. And I’m so excited about all of them!! The mission president from The District 2 was there and gave us instruction on how to teach simply. I LOVE IT. He introduced himself by saying “I didn’t teach Elder Moreno and Elder Christiansen how to teach the law of chastity.” Anyone who has watched the District will appreciate that reference, haha. It was a fun day! And I got to see Sister Hoki and Sister Mandla again!
The opening prayer for sacrament meeting this week was offered in Mandarin. That was pretty cool πŸ™‚

Luis turned down a job offer so that he could still teach with the missionaries. And this week he was called to be a ward missionary. He called us right after he met with the bishop and he was SO EXCITED! Awweee he’s the best.

The Book of Mormon Musical is in full swing in downtown Toronto. On Friday our whole zone went down before it started and talked to people about the real Book of Mormon. We gave away quite a few copies! It was hard to figure out what to say at first, but once we got into it it was really fun.
We got our first real snow of the season today. It was snowing all day yesterday, but none of it stuck. Today when we woke up there were white patches on the grass and on the rooftops. It’s quite pretty, actually. πŸ™‚ Until you have to be outside, that is haha. The snow here is SO WET. It’s like walking in puddles! It’s pretty warm today though. The wind is the killer. If there’s wind, it feels like you’re walking through a deep freezer with no coat on!

President Clayton did a fireside for our stake Sunday night. Luis & L came. It was exactly what L needed to hear! I’m excited to follow up with him on it on Wednesday. President and Sister Clayton are just so great. L also came to a baptism that the Portuguese Elders had on Wednesday. Most of the service was in Portuguese. Last time, L attended a Chinese baptism. The first English baptism he attends might be his own!

We had a big conference call with all the missionaries who came out six weeks ago and I definitely passed out… whoops.

On a more serious note…. can I just talk for a second about pornography? Just stay away from it. It’s deadly. There are far too many families torn apart by its poison. It’s preventing way too many young men from participating in the ordinances of the sacrament every week. It is defiling society. Walking down the streets of Toronto is horrific. Pornographic images are everywhere from blazing on the big screens to smaller advertisements in stores. Pornography is in lyrics as well. It changes self image and expectations. Subtle things like popular music can shift views and behavior. It changes the way young women present themselves, most obviously evident by their choices of clothing. Just. stay. away.

Now that I’ve let all that out, I LOVE YOU ALL!! The Christmas season has officially begun now that Remembrance Day is past. We even bought a tiny Christmas Tree for our apartment. πŸ˜‰

Stay Warm,
Sister Davidson


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