No Snow is the Best Snow

Happy December!

Guess what! Yesterday was +11 and there’s STILL no snow on the ground! Hooray! I don’t miss it at all. I’ll take dry cold over humid cold any day though. #AlbertaPride


Soooo J was supposed to be baptized this week, but he had some super silly concerns come up. We’re still working with him. 🙂

Turns out that the temple was never actually booked for the temple trip that was supposed to happen this week…. #heavymurmur It’s rescheduled for the 13th.

We had Zone Conference this week, where we got to finally watch Meet the Mormons! It’s so good! The Candy Bomber guy is my favourite.

The Toronto Stake is very unique. Each ward has a bajillion names on their ward lists and only maybe one sixth of those are active. And home teaching reports are SUUUPPER low. So the stake presidency has issued an initiative for the month of December for EVERY member of the stake to be visited. Pretty huge undertaking there. The missionaries have been given the bulk of that task. We had already been working a little bit on sifting through the ward list and dropping by members that no one knows about. We initiated the very same process in Don Valley when I was there (Don Valley is also in the Toronto stake). There are over 600 individuals (not households) on our ward list. 155 households live in our section of the ward, and we discovered that 81 of those addresses haven’t been visited in the past 10 years. Ten years! So we went to town this week and spent a lot of time tracking down these people and trying to find forwarding addresses. There’s three missionary companionships in our ward and it’s not enough! It’s been pretty effective though, because as we’ve stopped by these addresses, we’ve shared a Christmas message with the new residents as well as their neighbours. We have some pretty cool new potential investigators now! Christmas is such a sweet time to be a missionary. I’m so sad that I only get one Christmas in the field…

Speaking of Christmas, everyone go to and watch the video. Missionaries across the world are using the “He is the Gift” initiative to invite others to come unto Christ this Christmas season. The church is going to be the only advertiser on youtube on December 7th. So watch for it! Our church is so cool. Pay your tithing. Help spread Christmas cheer by sharing the “He is the Gift” video on your facebook/twitter/whatever. Christmas is such a nonthreatening way to share the gospel.

I love you all! Stay warm over there!
Sister Davidsonwaitingggg

wasn't expecting that picture to be taken haha. But I thought it was funny.
wasn’t expecting that picture to be taken haha. But I thought it was funny.
the construction workers are always on our balcony during studies so we decided to leave them some doughnuts and a He is the Gift card!



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