The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

It snowed a lot on Wednesday, and then it rained the past couple of days and washed it all away 🙂

Remember the Jewish lady I wrote about back when I served in Don Valley with Sister Griffin? She was supposed to be baptized on my birthday, but then her husband told her that she had to wait six more months and then see if it was really something she wanted to do. Well, today is December 15th (exactly six months) and Sister Lundin just informed me that they visited her and she wants to be baptized before Christmas! SO EXCITED!!!

The sister Sister LaPoint and I visited who was baptized in Hong Kong also went to church last week in Don Valley ward. Yay 🙂

Sister Lundin also had two baptisms last week! I’m so happy for her! 😀

This week has been filled with joyous music and Christmas Spirit. I just really, really enjoyed being a missionary this week. I mean, I always enjoy being a missionary, but this week was especially spectacular.

Let’s start with zone conference! each zone was in charge of two musical numbers and to be entirely honest none of them were very good, including ours hahaha. But it was fun nonetheless 🙂 Of the three zones in attendance, the only people who could play piano were from our zone 😛

We decided to try caroling as a finding activity. We went with our district and decided to only sing to houses that had christmas decorations. We figured that was probably a pretty safe indicator that the people inside would be open to a Christmas carol. IT WAS THE COOLEST THING. Like, I can’t even tell you how many people cried when they opened the door and heard us sing. They were so, so grateful, and then we shared He is the Gift with them. I was honestly pretty doubtful that caroling would be a successful activity given my experience so far with talking to people about Christmas… but wow. It was so amazing! And we got a tonnnn of referrals when we asked them about other people that we could share our Christmas message with. It was the coolest thing.

We were overflowing with Christmas spirit as we took the subway together on the way home. We decided to try our luck and carol on the subway! So all 8 of us piled into the train and sang Joy to the World. People clapped for us! One person even recoded us 😛 so before the train stopped, we quickly handed out He is the Gift cards and tried to switch cars, because as grateful as a majority of the people were, there were a couple scrooges who clearly weren’t impressed. But then after we exited, half the missionaries got back on the same car! Including my companion! So I was alone on the platform with the two Portuguese elders while we waited for the next train…. It was so sad being away from my companion for so long ='( But we were eventually reunited and all was well 🙂

On Saturday, we finally went to the temple with Luis and another recent convert, Anna! We had helped both of them prepare family names to take to the temple and it was the MOST spiritual experience watching them enter the sacred waters of baptism on behalf of their ancestors. I know without a doubt that Luis’s grandpa accepted the gospel. We all felt it.

Later that night, we went out caroling again. This time it was just us and the other sister companionship in our ward. I can testify that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!!

Which brings us to Sunday. Oh man. So, me, Sister LaPoint, Sister Monnie, and Sister Crandall had volunteered to sing Silent Night in sacrament meeting for a musical number. Sister Crandall played piano, Sister LaPoint sang a verse in French, I sang in German, Sister Monnie signed in ASL, and then we all harmonized in English for the last verse. Wow. It was honestly sooo powerful. The music was in four different languages, but the Spirit is universal. Oh yeah, and guess who was in the congregation? Donny Osmond and his family. No pressure or anything!!! We shook his hand before the meeting started, but he left about five minutes before the meeting ended so who knows what he thought of our musical number 😛

We got a new bishop! Bishop Hamblin is moving back to the states. Bishop Barker moved into the ward the same time me and Sister LaPoint did, so we probably know more about the members than he does by now haha. But I’m so excited to work with him! His wife is the gospel principles teacher, and she is the BEST.

During our hunt for missing members on the ward list, we came across H, who was a new resident of an address that we checked. It was a normal contact. “Is Debrah home? Oh, she doesn’t live here? Okay… we’ll here’s a He is the Gift card and an invitation to church!” … the thing is, he actually came!! He wandered in during sacrament meeting in jeans and a plaid t-shirt and didn’t look like he knew anyone so he was already on our radar… and then we remembered him! We chased after him after sacrament meeting and invited him to stay for the classes. He did, and he stayed for the elder’s baptism as well! Our investigator L stayed as well 🙂

Well my friends, it was truly a week of Christmas miracles! Try going caroling this week. 🙂 Bring them cookies or something with a He is the Gift card from your Ensign this month. Help spread some Christmas cheer 🙂

I still don’t have a camera charger and Sister LaPoint forgot her camera the day we went to the temple so I don’t have any pictures for you this week…. but we’re working on getting some pictures from Luis. So next week!

I love you all!
Sister Davidson


One thought on “The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

  1. You are doing amazing things.  Keep up the good work. Have a Merry Christmas. Grandma D.

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