Dreaming of a Warm Christmas

Well my friends, doesn’t look like there’ll be snow here for Christmas. Which I am not sad about in the slightest. I hear it’s been warmer back home too. Weeirrd. Count your blessings πŸ™‚

Well, this week has been cool. J is picking himself back up and we’re hooooping that he’ll be ready for baptism before the end of the transfer… which is next week. But he came to church and he’s still not smoking!

Our ward has FHE on Wednesday nights, which we taught. We did a Christmas trivia game and watched Joy to the World. Lots of fun πŸ™‚ The Less Active guy who surprised us as the ward christmas party surprised us again by showing up to FHE! Hooray! And we had a couple of investigators there, too. Good turn out πŸ™‚ The question that stumped everyone from our game was “how old was Jesus when the wise men came to visit him?” He was 2-ish. The wise men weren’t at the manger, so they shouldn’t be in the nativity scene!! In our nativity under our christmas tree in our apartment, the wise men are off in the distance, on their way to find Jesus, the way it should be πŸ™‚

Wise men way in the distance
Wise men way in the distance

We were teaching J this week and he brought up some weird questions, as he always does. We answered him using a scripture in the Book of Mormon, and he was content with our answer. Later in the lesson we did the same thing again, and he was amazed. “All the answers are really in there, aren’t they?” Uh huh!! That’s why we tell you to read it!! Then he just started firing questions at us and every time they were in the scriptures. He was like a little kid watching a magician haha. He’s already read the Book of Mormon cover to cover but now he’s going to start reading it again because he wants to receive answers. Also known as personal revelation πŸ™‚ The spirit helped a lot during that lesson. I was far from being any sort of a scriptorian before my mission but an hour of study every morning has really helped!! And the Spirit really helps with bringing things to your remembrance.
Canada Toronto Mission The Field is White (1)

I have had a really annoying headache for the past forever. It wasn’t super painful, just annoying enough to tire me out and make it difficult to concentrate. Kinda like the unexplainable headache’s I’d get back home. They were worse in the morning, and then sometimes came back right before dinner. I talked to the mission nurse for her advice and after trying a bunch of stuff it was stiiiiill there. So finally, I asked for a priesthood blessing. We met our district leader at the chapel, and it just so happened that President Clayton was in town, so he offered the blessing. His wife told me about how she used to have really bad headaches in the morning, and she asked me if I sleep on my stomach, which I do. Her chiropractor told her to try sleeping on her back, which cured them for her. I’ve slept on my stomach for as long as I can remember. I’m trying to make the transition to sleep on my back but it’s so harrrddddd. Regardless, the headache hasn’t been back since the blessing! Yay for the priesthood!

Since it’s Christmas this week, I’ll leave you with my thoughts on the season.

Christian or not, it is impossible to deny that the birth of Jesus Christ shaped the course of human history. We measure our years according to his life. Think of the wars and contentions fought in His name. Think of His teaching that have shaped the lives of billions of people across the nations.
I Wonder if Mary knew the full scope of the impact of her son’s birth. I wonder if she knew how much doubt and confusion would arise over his identity. Many people believe that Jesus walked the earth, but there is so much confusion about who he really is. Was he really God’s son? Was he truly born of a virgin? Did he actually die on the cross? There are divisions even among the Christians about the true nature of Christ. This confusion is eliminated as we turn to several sacred gifts that God has given us.

We have been blessed with the Holy Bible, containing a sacred record of His mortal ministry, and an account of His atonement and resurrection. God has given us another testament of Christ’s divinity and teaching through the Book of Mormon. We are blessed with living prophets and apostles who stand as living witnesses of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit so that we can testify for ourselves that Christ is our brother through personal revelation. Confusion and discrepancies are removed as we turn to these beautiful, God given gifts. Christ’s gospel is restored in it’s pure and simple form. What a sacred blessing!

We can know who Jesus of Nazareth truly is by accessing these precious tools that God has given us. It is because of these sacred resources that I can testify that Jesus Christ is our brother, our advocate, and our mediator. It is because of study and prayer that I know He is the son of God. Through the testimony of the Bible coupled with a witness from the Spirit, I know that He willingly died upon the cross, providing a way for us to become perfected and earn celestial glory. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I add my voice to the voice of the prophets and apostles testifying that he was not just an amazing teacher, or another prophet. His mother was indeed a virgin. His birth was miraculous. He is the son of God.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to wear his name on my shoulder every day. I am humbled that he has entrusted and enabled me to witness that light ignite inside of our fellow brothers and sisters in Toronto as they rediscover that Christ is, and always has been, right beside them.

We are given this sacred opportunity each year to reflect on Christ’s birth and the impact it made world-wide. There is a reason that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. As we reflect on his miraculous birth, the light of Christ glows brightly within each of us. May we share that light and testimony with those around us this Christmas season. May we continually deepen our personal relationship with our saviour year round as we diligently serve him. These things I pray for in the name of my Brother, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Merry Christmas! I love you all!

Sister Davidson

All the sisters in my ward.  All Blonde
All the sisters in my ward. All Blonde


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Warm Christmas

  1. Thanks you for this wonderful Christmas report.Β  I am so glad you chose to go on a mission.Β  What you learn there will far outwweigh what you will learn anywhere else.Β  I too know that Jesus is the Son of God, our example of righteousness, love, charity and our redeemer. Love Grandma D.

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  2. Oh Brooklyn, I love to read your emails. I especially love reading your testimony. You are about the age your mom was when we were roommates. She had such a strong testimony like you do. I am so grateful to know that you were born of goodly parents. And that you must make them so proud whenever they read your words. Love you! Nola

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