Saturday Night in Downtown Toronto


So last week on Preparation day there were a bunch of people speaking Czech in the mall and we asked them what brought them to Canada, and it turns out they’re Czech Republic’s hockey team for the world juniors! Sister LaPoint didn’t think it was a big deal haha.

Did anyone visit Sarnia this week? My mission President called this morning to say hello to me for a couple he met in Sarnia who’s from Alberta, but he couldn’t remember their names and I can’t think of anyone that I know from Sarnia! Haha but thanks for saying hello!

We had interviews with our mission president this week. He’s the bomb. He wants to come teaching with us sometime, and I hope he can meet (female) L with us some time!

Speaking of L, she’s so excited for her baptism on the 25th! She’s been inviting people on her own, and she asked Elder Burton to baptize her, and wanted to know everything about how the service would go. Ahhhhh I just love her so much.

Remember D, the Greek guy from last week? Well we dropped by last night and his wife answered the door, telling us that D had “no time for these things.” But then D ran up the stairs and told us that his wife hid his Greek Book of Mormon but not to worry because he was going to find it and we could meet in two weeks. Haha I hope his wife’s heart softens up a little!

Have you ever watched Sword in the Stone? Remember the pink and purple witch lady who transforms into a bunch of things and laughs uncontrollably? Well picture that laugh. That is what our new investigator laughs like haha. Her and her husband are former investigators. We gave them a call and they were totally willing to have us over! They fed us dinner, and she was laughing like that the whooolllle time. Once we started teaching, she calmed down but man. All I could think of was that giggling purple spotted rhinoceros.

In Toronto, we spend a majority of our time travelling on the street cars, the buses, and the subway. After a while, you start to notice the regulars. There is one guy who we have frequently observed in various locations around downtown Toronto. He’s a short, toothless, harmless, Filipino guy with long, curly hair. He’s always wearing a grey toque and a lakers jersey. He really loves to dance! We’ve seen him many times busting a move as he crosses the street, or waiting in line to buy some coffee….and one week he was in the library while we were emailing and  he stood up and started dancing with his keyboard like an Egyptian. Haha oh man. So anyways, we were teaching a lesson to a returning member in Tim Hortons (hot spot for teaching these days) and this guy is chillin in the corner with his iPod and his coffee. We needed an extra chair so I asked him if we could borrow his…. big mistake haha. He asked me why I had his name on my shoulder and proceeded to tell me that his name was Jesus. Pulled out his ID and everything. It’s legit. “don’t take my name in vain!” he says. So we took the chair and went back to our table and started teaching the restoration and out of the corner of my eye I can see this guy busting out some craaaazy dance moves! This poor lady who just really wants to come back to church  was pouring out her soul and I just could not contain my laughter. And then we all lost it. He kept interrupting our lesson, calling us “Barbie doll mannequins”  and man oh man I wish I had a video I could show you. So that’s what Saturday nights are like on Yonge street.

One night last week when Sister LaPoint wasn’t feeling well, I went through our Area Book and made a bunch of calls to former investigators. I was kinda tired of making calls, but I browsed through a couple of Potential investigator sheets and saw a guy whose first name was Davidson! So one day this week, we were chillin in Tim Hortons waiting for Davidson and we had no idea what he looked like or anything. There was this one guy who came in and looked like he was looking around for someone, so we smiled at him. He kept looking around and eventually asked us if there was an outlet behind our table so he could plug in his laptop to study. His name was not Davidson 😦 Nor was there an outlet behind our table. But he noticed our name tags and asked us what church we were from, so we taught him the restoration in five minutes and left him with a Book of Mormon! Then he went over to McDonalds to study because there really were no outlets in Tim Hortons. He’s gonna come to church next week with his friend because one of his new years resolutions was to go to church more often, but he didn’t know which church to go to. Coincidence? 🙂

Here’s another coincidence… on the super duper jam packed street car back from teaching not-Davidson (Davidson ended up texting us and rescheduling) we smiled at a lady who looked like she was in a hurry to get off the street car. Turns out it was the German lady I met a couple weeks ago on the street! We called her a couple times, but she never answered so we kinda forgot about her. But she remembered us and told us to call her next week because she’d love to come to church! Whoop whoop!

Well my friends. You’re never fully dressed without a smile. So go out and share your beautiful smiling face and let your light so shine among men. You never know the difference it could make in someone’s day.

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


The elders live in our building, and we have run out of toilet paper on two separate occasions on Sunday evening. Dx Sooo we finally bought some toilet paper and left them a little gift outside their door
The elders live in our building, and we have run out of toilet paper on two separate occasions on Sunday evening. Dx Sooo we finally bought some toilet paper and left them a little gift outside their door
The year has gone by so fast....
The year has gone by so fast….

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