ESL Miracles

Let’s go in reverse order here.

So. Transfer calls were last night. I’m leaving the beautiful city of Toronto, and moving west to Mississauga. 😦 My new companion is Sister Mencarelli from Rome, Italy! She is amazing…. she was an exchange student in Utah, where she lived with an LDS family who invited her to seminary and she fell in love with the gospel and was baptized! And now she’s serving a mission! Her family is still in Italy and hasn’t embraced the gospel. She is so brave and faithful and I went on exchanges with her this transfer so I already know that we’re going to get along great!!! She is my first companion who is not from Utah 😛 Although she’s lived there so I don’t know if that still counts…..

Well. I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of serving in the beautiful city of Toronto for the past nine months. (I can’t believe it’s been that long…) And I am so grateful to have been Sister LaPoint’s companion for three whole transfers! I have learned so much from her. The main thing that I’ll take away from her example is how to be yourself in missionary work. Not that I wasn’t being myself before, but talking with people is so much easier now because I talk to them about real life things, and then tie them into the gospel. I feel way more myself after these past three transfers. Sister LaPoint and I had a reputation of always being on top of things haha and I really love that about her. She loves to be organized–just like me. I think that was a huge reason why our ESL party was so successful–because we were on the same page. I will absolutely miss her, but I’m only like half an hour away so I’ll definitely see her again! She is staying in Toronto, but she’s moving over into the East area with Sister Monnie. We still don’t really know what’s happening with our area…. We think two new missionaires are coming in but we’re really confused about that because last night, they told Sister LaPoint that she could take all of our investigators with her and teach them in the east area sooo I don’t really know what these new missionaries are gonna do? I just hope they combine the areas. That’d be way easier. But I’m not in charge of these things, so who knows 😛

Oh, note for you all: Preparation day will be on Tuesday next week due to Family Day.

GUESS WHAT. Remember ESL S?!?! Yeah well, we didn’t pass him to the YSA elders because he’s still in High School so the assistants thought it would be better for him to stay in a family ward so that he could prepare to serve a mission! Then we met with ESL S on Wednesday and asked him how he felt about being baptized this Sunday instead of the 15th, and he was so down! SO HE WAS BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY. He asked his ESL teacher to baptize him. Lily offered the opening prayer. My friends, I don’t even understand these miracles. He was living the word of wisdom and the law of chastity before we even met him. He didn’t know how to pray three weeks ago. We showed him the way and he just took off! A member asked him how he knew the Book of Mormon was true, and he said, “Well I prayed about it and it felt right.” It really is that simple, my friends! We tend to over complicate things. The gospel is simple. His testimony blows me away. His friends and family are atheist and have no interest at all in God or religion, but ESL S knows that God is with him. He bore his testimony after his baptism about prayer and how he is so grateful to be a member of God’s true church.

After the baptism Luis (who was a witness for the ordinance), suggested that we go eat pizza. He’s at the church basically everyday so he probably forgot that it was Sunday 😛 Then ESL S says “No! We cannot buy things on the Sabbath!” Just makes me so darn happy inside 🙂

And then since I oversee the ESL program here, I am just overjoyed to see a baptism resulting from our ESL program!!!

ESL class
ESL class

Lily gave us these adorable necklaces yesterday because “we are her angels.” !!!

We sang another musical number in Sacrament with the East sisters. We sang “I Stand All Amazed.” I think it went very well 🙂 (Thanks mom, for the sheet music and thanks Sister Laycock for helping her find the music) Then Sister LaPoint & I sang a mashup of “Testimony” and “There is A Green Hill Far Away” for Stuart’s baptism, which also went well. (Thanks again, mom for the sheet music.)

I’ll miss my district. They’re all so great.
My district:
Sister LaPoint (Utah), Me, Elder Burton (Nevada), Elder Paul (Brazil), Sister Monnie (Oregon), Sister Crandall (Idaho)

District 9
District 9

This past transfer has been INSANE. Jam packed with miracles. Every day has gone by so quickly. I can’t even believe it.

Well. I don’t remember what else happened this week because Sunday was so jam packed.

Oh! Also! Sister Lundin is training! I have a grandbaby! 😀

But! I love you all! Keep praying!
Sister Davidson

One last sunrise
One last sunrise


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