The Snow is Whiter in Mississauga

Well my friends. A lot has happened this week. And I am EXHAUSTED.

It’s definitely colder out here in the suburbs than it is in Toronto. I miss being able out hide out and contact on the buses or subway on the colder days. You’d think that being in a car area would help you stay warmer… not so.

Other than that, Mississauga is pretty nice. 🙂

Not gonna lie though, I’m pretty Toronto trunky.

Mississauga has roughly the same population as Edmonton. But, Edmonton has five stakes and a temple…. whereas Mississauga has one ward. 😛

Within that one ward, there are four missionary companionships. Two sets of English, one set of Spanish, and one set of Mandarin. So, Mississauga is still a very diverse place, which I really appreciate.

I made the mistake of mentioning that I was a ward organist back home and the Bishop here wasted no time in making sure I played the organ for my first sacrament meeting there 😛 Since hymns are basically all that I ever play now, I can play every hymn in the hymnbook with little stress. Which is a big shift considering how I avoided the piano every chance I got earlier in my mission…. I even experimented with the foot pedals on Sunday. It was actually pretty fun 😛 Looks like I’m the new ward organist.

There are Davidsons in the ward here with roots in Southern Alberta. Haven’t had a chance to talk with them yet, but I’m sure we’re related somehow.

WE TEACH ESL!!!!! Naturally, that made me very, very happy.

Sister Mencarelli has been in this area for two transfers already, so this is her 3rd transfer here. She is amazing and I hope we get to serve together for a long time!

We’re teaching a lot of amazing people. I still haven’t met everyone, but we’ve had some very spiritual lessons this week with people who are definitely progressing towards baptism!

So we may have possibly helped move a murderer suspect’s stuff out of his apartment… #jesussaidloveeveryone?

Mississauga feels a lot like Edmonton. Kinda. There’s definitely more of a “neighbourhood” feel here than there is in Toronto. Which is okay. Just means I need to adjust to different finding methods! Liiike tracting. #myfave. I remember when I first got to the Toronto ward and I thought about Don Valley every day because I missed it so much. And then eventually, I fell in love with the Toronto ward and stopped worrying so much about Don Valley. It helped that Sister Lundin was still there so I could follow up with her about how the area was doing. But now there’s Elders in Toronto North 😦 Sister LaPoint joined with Sister Monnie in Toronto East, so she’s still in the same ward, but not the same area or apartment. So it’s been a rough week for me, worrying about all the people that I love so much in Toronto–member and non-member alike. However, Sister LaPoint is a boss and I am so grateful that she’s still in the ward so that she can continue to look after everyone for me 🙂 Eventually I’ll get to the point where Mississauga feels like home. Just give me a couple weeks…

Fun fact for you. This is the city we stayed in when I came to Cheer Nationals with my team right before I left on my mission. #dejavu

I went on exchanges last night with sisters in the Don Mills ward, which is the eastern most part of Toronto. So I got go back on the buses for a day! Yay!! I went with Sister Tang, who is from China. 🙂

We have a “specialty training” meeting this Thursday and we have absolutely zero idea what it’s about. Our zone leaders texted us this week asking us what colour we’d like our iPads to be… but our zone leaders are punks so I’m skeptical…. But here’s hoping that by next Monday I’ll be emailing you on an iPad.

My district leader is a Spanish elder from my last zone in Toronto. He’s also the elder who baptized ESL S. It’s nice to have a familiar face around because I literally know no one else in the zone 😛

Since Sister LaPoint isn’t my companion anymore, I don’t have nearly as many picutres to send home…. Here’s one of Me, Sister Lundin, and her baby. 🙂

Sister Lundin and her baby
Sister Lundin and her baby

I love you all!
Pray for warm weather for me!!!!
Sister Davidson


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