Sisters in skirts and shovels.

So yes, our zone leaders are indeed punks. No iPads. I now have no faith that I will see one before the end of my mission. Whateva. Paper and pencil work just fine, right?

Lots of snow in Mississauga this week. On Saturday, we capitalized on this wonderful opportunity to serve by shovelling sidewalks! It gets warmer once the snow falls, so it was only -2 and was actually quite nice. 🙂 We got caught in the act a couple of times and found a few new people to teach!

I am 100% definitely related to the Davidsons in the ward. Brother Davidson is my grandpa’s cousin. I think. There were Davidsons in my last ward too, but we weren’t related.

This week, I went on exchanges with Sister Morgan, who is originally from London England, but then moved to Taber, Alberta. She is amazing, and I learned a ton from her. It was so much fun to spend the day with her here in Mississauga. And I didn’t even get us lost! She’s two transfers behind me, so I promised I’d attend her homecoming. It’s so fun to meet people out here from home, because we’ll be able to see each other after the mission!

I have no idea what to write about this week.

We’re very busy here in Mississauga. There always seems to be a meeting to attend, a person to teach, or a call to make. And I love it 🙂

Still counting down the days until spring….

Here’s some pictures for you.




Love you all!
Sister Davidson


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