I Can See the Kingdom in Your Eyes…..And It Sparkles!


Okay so I guess I kinda sorta forgot to mention that I’m a Sister Training Leader now. As a Sister Training Leader, you’re basically a normal missionary who just goes on a LOT of exchanges, and attends a lot of extra meetings. Normal missionaries go on one exchange with a Sister Training Leader each transfer. We cover 8 companionships, so we go on 8 exchanges per transfer, which means we exchange about twice a week. I either stay in our area with a sister, or I go to the sister’s proselyting area. Exchanges make the weeks FLY by. Oh man. Our purpose is to strengthen the sisters, and provide training when needed. Honestly though, these sisters are training me. I’ve learned so much from them already! It’s so fun to see what other missionaries do in their areas, to see how they teach, how they interact with people, how they plan…. every area is so unique ๐Ÿ™‚ There are 4 sister training leader companionships in the mission and we’re the only companionship that exchanges with sisters on buses. ๐Ÿ™‚ BLESSINGS.

The last Tuesday of last transfer, I went on exchanges with Sister Mencarelli in Mississauga before I became her companion. So, four weeks ago. It was while on that exchange that we found two of our amazing investigators that we’re currently teaching! It was also on that exchange that we tried to contact a media referral named Arsenyo. Arsenyo wasn’t home that day, so we decided to knock on his neighbours doors. Then, we found Adam. And Adam had been praying for direction in his life. He came across lds.org a few days prior and LOVED what he read. And then, the missionaries from that very church showed up on his doorstep! Adam is YSA aged, so we passed his info along to the YSA sisters. Since our contact with other missionaries outside of our zone is minimal, we never knew what ended up happening to Adam. But it’s always such a testimony builder to me when God puts us directly into the path of His prepared children.

Arsenyo, on the other hand, has been a pain to try and contact haha. We tried different times of day, different days of the week, and he was NEVER HOME. We had a couple extra minutes on Saturday this week, so we decided to drop by one last time. And he was home! He also definitely didn’t request missionaries…. but he has a nephew who’s currently serving as a missionary somewhere in the USA, so he suspected that his nephew entered in the request. He was very kind, and grateful that we dropped by, but wasn’t interested in our message. We left him with an invitation to watch Meet the Mormons, which was being shown in Etobicoke later that night, and went on our way.

Arsenyo did not attend Meet the Mormons. But as we were sitting in the chapel with our investigators, waiting for the movie to begin, ADAM WALKS IN. We made a beeline over to him after the movie ended and he remembers us! He’s been to church, is quitting smoking, and is absolutely soaking everything in.

This experience really made me ponder about how intimately involved God is in every one of our lives. Arsenyo’s nephew had no idea that five doors down from his uncle’s house was a man who was kept from the truth only because he knew not where to find it. His nephew probably thinks that his request to send missionaries to his uncles house was in vain. He doesn’t know that God worked through him to send us to find Adam. And now, Adam is experiencing the joys of the gospel in his life. God is in the little things.

And how sweet it is that I’m now Sister Mencarelli’s companion, which gave me the opportunity to witness this whole miracle unfold. God is so cool.

Another person that we contacted four weeks ago is C. He’s been coming to church for the past 4 weeks and just yesterday, he brought his five year old son with him. ๐Ÿ™‚ They love church!

I’m going to miss fast and testimony meetings in Toronto. A majority of the people who bear their testimonies are converts or returning members, or youth. Their testimonies are so powerful! All of them are from a variety of places around the world. The gospel is for everyone. Right now in our teaching pool, we have people from Nigeria (that’s C), Pakistan, Poland, India, Jamaica, Turkey, Portugal, and Trinidad. And then we’re also teaching one person who’s actually from Ontario ๐Ÿ˜›

We did some inspired map searching to find places to tract this week, and Davidson Way was just calling my name. Ha. Ha. Seriosuly though, there were so many cool people on that street! Usually we’ll find Muslim neighbourhoods, Chinese neighbourhoods, Italian neighbourhoods, etc. But on Davidson Way there was a different country behind each door. It was fun ๐Ÿ™‚

On my first exchange of this week, I went to Etobicoke with Sister Maas. Etobicoke is a bus area ๐Ÿ™‚ I forgot how physically demanding the buses are! So much walking. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s always an interesting reaction when a new missionary shows up at an investigators house. Some aren’t really phased by it, and some are pretty upset to see me because they’ve grown so attached to their missionaries. One investigator that we went to go teach have Sister Maas a huge huge when we got there and then when I went for a hug, she backed up and went, “Whoa, I don’t even know you!!” …. no hugs for Sister Davidson ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Haha she warmed up to me by the end, buuut still refused to give me a hug. Anyways, we taught her about family history, and Sister Maas brought her pedigree chart and some pictures of her ancestors. I always have a picture of my family in my bag, so I showed her my family as well. She looked at the picture and went,
“Oh, look at all the children! Six of them!”
… six?
“Oh look, that’s you! Wait, didn’t you say you were the oldest?”
Bahaha then she went, “Noooo those can’t be your parents. How old are they?? They’re so young! WOW your mom is GORGEOUS! How old is she??? And your dad…. what a hunk.”
Bahaha yeahh, my family is cute ๐Ÿ™‚

Talking to people on the street is always so fun. You never know how they’re going to react. One particular person was a little tipsy at 1pm Friday afternoon, and told me that he could see the kingdom in my eyes…. and it sparkled. That’s a new one! Hopefully he’ll check out mormon.org when he’s sober and feel the spirit and then be baptized ๐Ÿ˜›

We’ve been finding the most prepared people to teach lately. A lot of them also happen to be YSA…. God has been blessing us immensely here in Mississauga. It’s so humbling. The ward is awesome. They’re so willing to come teach with us and help us in any way they can. The bishop invited us over for dinner this week with a couple that we’ve been teaching. What a wonderful opportunity that was.

My companion is awesome. I love serving with Sister Mencarelli! My weaknesses are her strengths, and just by being herself, she’s helping me to become the person that I need to be. We have a lot of fun here in Mississauga ๐Ÿ™‚ … the five days of the week that we’re actually together haha.

This week has been wonderful. I love being a full-time missionary. What a blessing it is.

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


One thought on “I Can See the Kingdom in Your Eyes…..And It Sparkles!

  1. Thank you for sharing your story of Adam… God is in the little things and it is always humbling to be reminded of how important each of us is.

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