Good morning!

The Mississauga ward is so fantastic. They’re so missionary minded and just so loving! A very unique and diverse ward.

I found out this week that someone that I taught back in Bowmanville was baptized!! So exciting 🙂

On my last night in Toronto, Sister LaPoint and I got turned around on the street car, which then made us late getting home =/ But! While we were waiting for the right street car, Sister LaPoint contacted a guy on the street, and he was baptized yesterday!! And Luis baptized him!! Everything happens for a reason, even occasionally losing our sense of direction 🙂

I spoke in church this week. The bishop wanted me to talk on Elder Bednar’s address, “Come and See” from last conference from the perspective of a full-time missionary. I thought that was an interesting assignment because Elder Bednar only mentions full-time missionaries once in his talk. I really noticed the overall theme of the connection between personal conversion and our willingness to share the gospel. B.H. Roberts once said “You can’t convert beyond your own conversion”. In Elder Bedar’s talk, he said “experiencing in our personal lives the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ [are a] prerequisite to heartfelt and authentic service that stretches far beyond merely ‘going through the motions.'” As we turn to Christ, our desire to share with others that which is most meaningful to us becomes intuitive and natural. That has definitely been true for me on my mission so far. It was rough at the beginning in Bowmanville because I didn’t have that faith yet. I didn’t want to talk to random strangers because I was afraid. But as I’ve drawn closer to Christ, my willingness and desire to talk with everyone–my brothers and sisters–has increased, and even become natural! Wearing this handy dandy name tag absolutely give me confidence to share the gospel with those around me, but even when this name tag comes off, I will always be a missionary. After all, as Elder Bednar said, “A missionary is a follower of Christ who testifies of Him as the Redeemer and proclaims the truths of His gospel.”

I used the foot pedals on the organ in sacrament meeting this week! I was pretty proud of myself haha.

We’ve been teaching this one lady from Nigeria, A, who had been going to church in Brampton since 2009 (still trying to figure out why the heck she isn’t baptized yet…), but then moved to Mississauga and she FINALLY came to Mississauga ward this week! And once she got there, she recognized almost half of the ward members haha. She even knows the bishop’s brother! She knows the gospel is true (she taught US the plan of salvation!) but is having a hard time committing to baptism, for a reason that she herself doesn’t even know. At every lesson, we invite her to be baptized, and every time she says “yes” annnnddd every time she says, “but I don’t know when,” Last week, we taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and at the end she said, “Don’t ask that question!! I know what you’re going to ask!!” So we smiled and asked, “What question?” And then she told us all about how she knows that she needs to be baptized but excuse excuse excuse. We just listened, and then eventually she talked herself into a baptismal date of June 1st! Which is way further away than it needs to me, but hey. It’s progress! All we need to do is facilitate an environment where the spirit can dwell, and then God will do the rest.

We had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) this week. That’s where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders get together with the assistants and our mission president and his wife to receive training and discuss how to help the mission. Elder Karl is one of our assistants. He goes home at the end of this transfer, and he’s from the Calgary East Stake!

At MLC, we discussed the Godhead, and how we need to do a better job teaching people about the nature of it because it impacts the way we pray. God is literally our father. That is something that so many people and religions don’t realize. Because He’s our father, He wants to hear everything from the most mundane details of our life, to the deepest lows, to the happiest joys. He wants to hear everything! He is a person. Not an ominous mist. A person! A father! We were created in His image, and so! He looks like us! How cool is that? Prayer isn’t just a routine thing we do because it’s a commandment. It’s the way that we communicate with our father who created us! He loves us more than we can comprehend and because of that love, he wants us to pray. Prayer isn’t just a mode of worship, it’s a form of communication. It has always helped me to know that when I pray, I’m talking to an actual person who cares about me.

There’s a part of Mississauga that super duper feels like Edmonton when we drive by it at night. Especially when it snows and the snow hasn’t been plowed yet. Here’s a picture of it, plus part of Sister Mencarelli’s beautiful Italian nose.


We had a zone challenge this week where we tried to talk to 2000 people as a zone. The companionship who talked to the most people won an Easter gift basket. We convinced the Elders who won to give us the stuffed animal that was in the gift basket. 🙂 We named her “Swagga- the Sheep of Mississauga.” She watches over us with the Good Shepherd.


As a reward for talking to 2000 people, our zone is going out to a Chinese buffet today together. Whoop whoop!

Tomorrow, we’re going on exchanges with Toronto East, so I’ll get to be Sister LaPoint’s companion again for a day!!

Thank you so much for your comments about my blog posts. I’m never quite sure who will read them and I never really know what to say! But I love sharing my experiences, and I love hearing about your experiences as well!

Always be a missionary!
Sister Davidson

Our zone
Our zone

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