Like, 200% by the Spirit

#youknoyoureamissionarywhen “The District” is the only movie you ever quote…

So hey, guess what! This week we had Stake Conference in Brampton! I still get super antsy and super sleepy during long meetings like that sooo nothing much has changed about me there…

Usually as a missionary, I loved Stake events because I was in the Toronto Stake for 9 months so I looked forward to seeing people from both the Don Valley and Toronto wards buuut in Brampton I don’t know anyone! šŸ˜¦ Yet! Time to make some new friends I guess… The speakers were wonderful though, and C from Nigeria absolutely loved it.

However, a man who came teaching with us a lot in the Don Valley ward moved to Brampton and was sustained to receive the Melchizedek priesthood! That was a pretty neat surprise šŸ™‚

Remember Adam? The YSA guy we found while trying to contact Arsenyo and then saw at Meet the Mormons? Well he was at Stake Conference!! And he’s getting baptized next week!!! He said, “Yeah, it’ll be my fourth baptism, but it’s alight because it’s my first TRUE baptism!” Haha he’s so cool! He was literally glowing when we saw him! He quit smoking cold turkey, attends institute, and is recognizing all the many miracles that are happening in his life as a result of following Christ!! He told us that he had prayed for direction 2 days before we knocked on his door. I’m so glad Arsenyo wasn’t home.


Let’s talk for a minute about family history. It’s not just a nice thing to do, it’s a tool for conversion! We were helping a recent convert, Mary, with some family history work, and she didn’t know the exact birth date of her grandfather. So we searched the indexed records for his name, and found a record of his draft into the war! Which had not only his birth date, but also his wife’s full name and her birth date! Then from there we were able to find more records containing information about their siblings and children. Family history is sweet! Indexing is so important! Mary’s friend, A (she’s from Poland), was at Mary’s house when this all happened, and then she wanted us to come over and help her with her family history work. So we scheduled an appointment with her, and had a wonderful opportunity to teach her about temples and the gospel of Jesus Christ and why we do genealogy. She’s going to come to church next week! While we were filling in her pedigree chart, she couldn’t remember her grandma’s maiden name so we just skipped it and moved on. Just before we left, out of nowhere she remembered šŸ™‚ Sister LaPoint is convinced that her grandmother whispered it in he ear. I believe it. Our ancestors on the other side want us to know who they are!

I had the wonderful opportunity to go on exchanges with the beautiful Sister LaPoint this week! She came with me to Mississauga. Oh man I love that girl. I was so wonderful to be her companion again for the day. Teaching with her feels so natural (possibly because I taught her how to teach? haha). She’s such a natural leader and we just get along so well. Man I miss her. She’s continuing the work in the Toronto ward like a stud and has transformed the ESL program over there. When we exchanged back at the end of the day, we met at the Ossington Chapel and I saw all my missionary friends. Pretty much all the missionaries in the Ossington building are the same except I’m not there any more. šŸ˜¦ It was so good to see them all again.

I also got to see Luis again while on exchanges! He’s doing so well šŸ™‚


We did back-to-back exchanges this week, so the next day I went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters in Toronto! So I got to be an Hermana for the day! They’re in a trio, so I stayed in the city with Hermanas Fife & Mousley, then Hermana Frodsham went to Mississauga with Sister Mencarelli. All of those Hermanas were in the Ossington chapel (Toronto Ward is the English ward, and Chrisie Ward is the Spanish/Portuguese ward. Both congregations meet in the Ossington chapel) before I left, so it felt kind of weird and natural at the same time to serve with them for the day! It felt SO GOOD to be on the buses and the trains again!! The weather was BEAUTIFUL that day, and we were walking around so much that we even had to take off our winter jackets! The Hermanas taught me a little bit of Spanish and just from serving around Spanish speaking missionaries, I had picked up a little bit of vocabulary, so I could follow along in the lessons and I sort of knew what they were talking about, but I couldn’t contribute too much haha. Basically all I said all day was, “Testifico que lo que dijo mi companera es verdadera.” šŸ™‚ It was such a fun day though. I love being back in Toronto!!

Hermanas exchange
Hermanas exchange

Again, I would just like to mention the gift of interpretation of ESL. It’s a legit thing.

The theme of this week’s street contacts seems to be the bible… A ton of people this week have talked to us about how “the bible is all we need!” and “there can be no more scripture!” “A bible! a Bible! We have got a bible and there cannot be any more bible!” Which is just the silliest argument I have ever heard. If anyone is even SLIGHTLY familiar with the history of the Bible, they will know that of COURSE the Bible is not the end of all scripture. As I grow increasingly familiar with both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, it’s so clear how well the two books of scripture go together and complement each other! Countless contradicting religions have been founded on the teachings of “the Bible” so evidently the Bible is not enough. As Joseph Smith recognized, “the teachers of religion of the different sects [understand] the same passages of scripture so differently as to destroy all confidence in settling the question by an appeal to the Bible.” Amen, Brother Joseph. People’s hearts have been so closed off by being so stuck on the Bible that they aren’t even willing to give the Book of Mormon a chance. All you have to do is read it to know that it’s true… And oh, the blessings that you’ll gain when you do! Love it. Read it. Pray about it. #truechurch

Lily went to the temple this weekend to be baptized for he grandmother! And ESL S is preparing to receive the priesthood!!

Here’s a picture of my district! We have Zone Conference this week, so we had our last district meeting of the transfer šŸ˜¦ From left to right, we have Me, Sister Mencarelli (Italy), Elder Cox (Utah), Elder Gleave (Arizona), Elder Fernandez (California), Sister Mau (Tahiti), Sister Shurtliff (British Columbia). We’re from all over the place šŸ™‚

Well. This week was grand. The transfer is flyyying by. Oh man. As a Sister Training Leader, I had the opportunity to give some advice to a struggling sister this week…. Which was terrifying, let me tell you! Pfft I don’t know what to say! But it was the coolest thing, because the words that were coming out of my mouth sounded pretty wise! Haha. But I know 100% that wasn’t coming from my own knowledge. As this sister was venting, I was praying so hard to know what to say and God heard my prayer and filled my mouth with exactly what that Sister needed to hear. It was an insanely spiritual experience and really testified to me how God uses His leaders to carry out His will. I really felt His hand this week guiding me.

I love you all šŸ™‚ Keep smiling šŸ™‚
Sister Davidson


3 thoughts on “Like, 200% by the Spirit

  1. I hope you will always be able to feel the spirit guiding you not just while you are on a formal mission.Ā  How else can we make it through this mixed up world? How else can be fulfill callings in the church without the Lord directing our paths? Love you lots. Grandma D.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences. They are so uplifting and joyful! How exciting about Adam!! I hope it is alright but I used your experience in a meeting I had to attend (maybe should have asked first?!:).

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