Jesus Es Mi Luz!

Let’s start with the best news of the week….

ADAM WAS BAPTIZEDDDD!!!!!!! He is going to be such a kingdom builder oh my goodness. He goes to institute and LOVES it. He’s so amazing! I just can’t get over it!

ESL this week was a blast. It always is, but we had the most amount of students in our class that we’ve had all transfer! There are 3 classes in our ESL program, and we teach the class that barely speaks any English. We had 2 students from Poland, 2 from Russia, 1 from Italy, 2 from Egypt, and 3 from China. From all over the world! It makes for a very interesting class dynamic hahaha.

We taught our investigator, A (I think in previous emails I’ve said she’s from Jamaica and Nigeria… but neither of those are correct haha. She’s from Ghana) about the Word of Wisdom this week. The only problem she had with any of it was she drinks a lot of tea. But at the end of the lesson, she gave us all of her tea! And we didn’t even ask her to! She has complete faith in God and His wisdom in extending His commandments.

We had zone conference this week. Wow that feels like so long ago haha. We drove to Oshawa Monday night to sleep over at the Oshawa Sister Training Leaders’ house. Sleepover!! It was a lot of fun. 🙂 My previous companion, Sister Anderson, is in Oshawa and it was so good to see her again!

All of the instruction we received at zone conference was amazing. And I didn’t get a headache the entire time!!! MIRACLES. But basically the biggest thing that I took away from it was that I need to find that balance between being bold and loving when extending commitments while also respecting people’s agency. I wish everyone had A’s faith!

While contacting this week, we met a lady said that she was friends with a Mormon in her class. Her friend that she knows is a recently returned missionary that Sister Mencarelli knows because he was her Ward Mission Leader in the YSA ward that she was serving in when he returned from his mission. I know him because he married someone from Toronto and then moved into the Toronto ward while I was serving there. Also, he was the district leader over the missionaries who baptized Luis back in El Salvador. So, a lot of weird connections to this guy hahaha.

Shout out to ALLIE. Happy birthday!!! Happy belated birthday to Grandpa D as well 🙂 Hope you had a good one!

Okay. So. Transfer calls were last night. I totally was NOT expecting a call. But if we did get a call, we were expecting Sister Mencarelli to leave since she’s already been here for 3 transfers. But, that was not God’s plan. He is sending me off to Brampton, after having only served in the Mississauga ward for six weeks 😦 The Northern boarder of our area here in Mississauga is the southern boarder for my new Brampton area. So again, I’m not moving very far haha. Mississauga is also in the Brampton stake, so I’ll finally get to have some friends at stake events 🙂 I am also both Sister Lundin’s and Sister LaPoint’s sister training leader! Woohoo!! My new companion is Sister Howle. I’m excited to tell you all about her next week because I don’t know too much about her right now!!

It’ll be hard to leave Mississauga… we’re teaching SO MANY wonderfully prepared people. The Mississauga ward should see a lot of baptisms in the upcoming months. I finally started to know my way around and know the members… and now I’m leaving 😦 I was so convinced that I was going to end my mission here! But at least Brampton isn’t too far away. Please keep me in your prayers. I know that I’ll love Brampton but it’ll still be a rough adjustment to start over again. 😦 Also…. Brampton doesn’t have ESL classes….

Something that I appreciate the most about Sister Mencarelli is the insane amount of faith she has. She was an exchange student in Utah for 10 months during high school, where she lived with a Mormon family and was exposed to the gospel. She was persuaded to go to Seminary class because there were free doughnuts and no homework 😛 But then she discovered for herself that the gospel was true and decided to be baptized, even though her family wasn’t very supportive. And now, three years later, she’s serving a mission. It’s evident in the way that she teaches and contacts that the gospel is something very precious to her. She knows the scriptures inside and out and is extremely in tune with the spirit and from promptings she receives.

She’s also very chill and laid back. She helped me chill out a LOT just by being who she is. It’s pretty much impossible to be stressed out when you’re serving with Sister Mencarelli haha. I learned to let things go and not worry about every little detail.

Her English is also better than mine haha. And, she’s hilarious. She has the best sense of humour. I’m going to miss her!!!

Sister Mencarelli did a presentation in the Valiant 9 primary class on Sunday about Rome since they’re studying the New Testament. She made a gladiator costume out of cardboard for the kids to model. It was a big hit!CTRgladiator

Three of our wonderful investigators came to church this week, and all of them stayed for the Hermana’s baptism after church! Even though the entire service was in Spanish haha. One of our investigators, K, is from Poland. We met her through ESL and she speaks very minimal English. We’ve been teaching her using the pamphlets the church produces in Polish and using as many visual resources as possible. She says she doesn’t want to find out for herself if there is a God, yet she keeps all of her commitments and stayed for a whole full block of church and a Spanish baptism haha. She’s sweet.

At the baptism, we sang “Jesus es mi Luz” as the closing hymn, which is “The Lord is my Light” in English. Except it rhymes in Spanish! Way cooler.

I played the piano for the baptismal service, relief society, and the organ for sacrament. I hope the new sister plays the piano! Or they could just baptize a pianist. That’d be better 😛

C, from Nigeria, came to church for the 7th week in a row now. He still doesn’t understand the necessity of having priesthood authority to perform ordinances such as baptism. He has already been baptized by immersion and feels like that is enough. However, in his closing prayer, he thanked God for the restoration, the Book of Mormon, and for calling Joseph Smith to be a prophet…. if only he connected what all of that implies….

If you have questions about what the priesthood is, I’d invite you to look at this beautifully simple definition here:

One day this week, we had a lessons planned out to teach The Restoration to an Arabic speaking man in the morning, the Plan of Salvation to a Potuguese woman in the evening, and The Gospel of Jesus Chris to a Polish lady in the afternoon. I don’t know what we’d do without these pamphlets!!

We woke up at 4am to the temple this week. Whoop whoop! Here’s some pictures!

Well, my friends. I love all of you. God’s plan is perfect. As we continually strive to align our will with His, we will start to realize our divine potential. True story.

Love you all 🙂
Sister Davidson

Also, please feel free to use any of my experiences wherever you feel inspired to do so. That’s half the reason why I write these things 🙂

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