The cool of Moron


I’m kinda tired of this lack of new technology business as a missionary. Flip phones, T9…. I’m over it. Good thing we read our texts out loud to each other before we send them. Another good auto-correct is “Good and thriving teachers.”

So I did a really awful job at explaining what General Conference is last week! There’s a broadcast that happens every six months where our Prophet and apostles and other church leaders speak to us. It’s broadcasted world wide and you can watch it here

I hear the Book of Mormon musical is in Calgary! What a wonderful missionary opportunity to testify that the book is better than the play πŸ˜‰ The referrals our mission received during it’s run time in Toronto increased like 300%. I can think of 2 people off the top of my head right now who were baptized after having been initially introduced to the church because of the play! πŸ˜› You never know what will plant the seed!

We met some cool people this week… We met one man who claims to have died for three days. I don’t remember his name, so we’ll call him Henry. He’s married to a psychic and he told me that I have a blue aura, and sister Howle has a gold aura. Because he can read people extremely well, you see. And it was no coincidence that I was wearing a blue skirt and sister howle was wearing a gold scarf. We chose those things because our aura is attracted to them. Also, if you ever go see a psychic, don’t go in the states because there’s a different karma there than there is in Canada.

We met a lot of people just like Henry this week…

I also went on exchanges with Sister Lundin!!! She came to Brampton to be my companion for the day πŸ™‚ It rained all day, so it felt just like our time together in Don Valley! haha. It’s so fun to go on exchanges with past companions. It just felt like another normal day. She’s such a pro and contacting and tracting and teaching and basically everything. She must’ve had a good trainer or something…. πŸ™‚


“I thought that old man was wearing a hot pink beanie, but it was just a hot pink turban.” #onlyinbrampton

We felt “inspired” to go tract Lethbridge Drive this week. We drove all the way there, and this is what Lethbridge drive looks like. The guy in the car behind us wasn’t even interested either 😦 Lethbridge drive

I also went on exchanges with Sister McDermott in Orangeville! She’s a boss. She’s from England and we figured out that she met some of my friends in Kelowna when she went there for a trip in August. So this person from England met my friends from Alberta in Kelowna, and then I met her in Orangeville. It shouldn’t even surprise me any more, but it still kinda weirds me out every time.

We were walking in the mall last preparation day and this guy selling hair stuff stops us and says, “I have something for you!” And hands us some free hand lotion samples. Then he asks, “Do you ever use heat tools in your hair?” I said, “no, sorry” and started walking away, but he wasn’t taking no for an answer. Then he said, “Well give me two minutes of your day and I will make your hair very, very happy” and tried to lure us into his store. Sister Howle went to follow him, but I dragged her away to go to the food court. “We’re in a rush right now, but we’ll come back! Bye!” He was still trying to talk to us as we walked away. And theeeennnn I realized what it felt like to me someone on the receiving end of a persistent missionary contact. Oh my 😦

One of the recent converts that we’re working with cancelled our appointment because he was too engrossed in the book of Alma and didn’t want to put it down. I’m okay with that!

Also, in the Urdu pamphlet, they used the same picture as the english pamphlet, but photoshopped the ginger guy’s head…. Clearly there aren’t any redheads in Pakistan?

I super love family history. Watch this video and you’ll love family history too! There’s so much more research that I want to do once I return home. We helped teach a member get set up on this week and she has like a billion names ready to take to the temple now! Her grandma had 17 kids and then they all have a bunch of kids, and that’s only one side of her family! I think it’d be sweet to be a family history consultant. There’s so much more to learn. I’d be so mad if they call me to be a ward missionary when I get home because I’m gonna do that anyways regardless of if I have the calling or not….

Well, this week was good! VERY warm and beautiful yesterday. No tights weather! So many people outside to talk to πŸ™‚ Found some cool new people to teach, and we’re still working with most of the people we found last week. Whoop whoop!

I really should include something spiritual in this email but the natural woman is strong today and all I wanna do is eat some food…

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


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