What Does It Mean to Me?

Hey hey hey!

I thought that today was the day that I could finally organize my school schedule and register for classes… but nope. My application is still “pending.” I’ve been stressing all week about what I’m going to do with my life and now I have to wait another entire week before I can do anything about it >_< Hopefully Economics is still the path for me.

Well this week we had Skills and Interviews! That's where we receive some instruction and have a personal interview with the Mission President. President Clayton is just so great. He has the best advice. I feel like through speaking with him, as well as from the instruction we received, I now know how I can better contribute to this area. The key is the members! We've been trying to do this too much on our own. We've been finding many investigators through our own efforts, like talking with everyone and tracting, but they don't stick around too often. The members love missionaries and missionary work, but they just need some help to be missionaries. We can't do this work alone! Sister Howle and I are in the process of planning a fireside to hopefully get to know the members better, and we're also trying to meet with members more frequently for half an hour visits to teach them the missionary lessons. Hopefully this way we'll be able to build up personal relationships with the members and really give them the message that we're here to help them! So, if the missionaries ask to visit you in your home… let them in please 🙂 Also, we want to host more family home evenings with the members. Unfortunately though, we don't have the luxury of pinterest to look up ideas! So if you have any fun FHE ideas, for any age group, please send them my way 🙂

Also, as a side note, if you ever feel like giving the missionaries a little gift, laundry detergent, or toilet paper, or toothpaste are really great ideas. Or like, some fruit. Cookies are great! But all things in moderation, ya know?

Unfortunately, I don't have much to update you on about our investigators. We've been finding wonderful new people to teach, and then we see them once or twice and they fall off the face of the earth. We shower every day, I promise… But I think this is just God's way of confirming to us that the way we're doing missionary work right now is not what He wants us to be doing. There's a better way, and we need to try some new things. We've still been busy working with wonderful returning members and recent converts, but not too many investigators. =/ That'll all change next week though 🙂

One investigator that we are still working with is L, the lady who walked by the church looking for the service times. We taught her the restoration this week and she's excited to read the Book of Mormon!

This week, I went on exchanges with Sister Chelson and Hermana Ramierez. This was Sister Chelson's first exchange of her mission, and Hermana Ramierez's last!hermana ramierez

Sister Chelson is serving in Milton, and I went to her area for the day. It was raining on and off all day, but it always decided to pour once we were inside. 🙂 Tender mercies. Sister Chelson is from Idaho and she’s a boss! There’s no way that she just came straight from the MTC. She’s too good! I love spending the day in other areas because I learn so many new ideas! Especially from rockstar new missionaries like Sister Chelson.
chelson exchange

chelson exchange 2

We exchanged back at the Mississauga chapel at the end of the day. ESL class ended while we were waiting to meet up with our companions, and I got to say hello to my English Class friends! It was such a happy reunion. I miss them a lot. I also got to see Sister Mencarelli, and Sister Mak, and Adam (who goes teaching with the Mississauga missionaries all the time now), and some other friends from my mission 🙂
Sister Mak

ESL friends!

Later in the week, I went on exchanges with Hermana Ramierez. I went to her area as well, but I didn’t get as many new ideas because the whole day was in Spanish! I could follow along pretty well in the lessons because I knew the basic vocabulary, but when it came to normal conversation, I didn’t have a clue 😛 Hermana Ramierez is from El Salvador, but she moved to Surrey, BC four years ago which is where her family learned about the church, and were baptized! And now her mission is almost over. These convert missionaries just blow my mind. She taught me how to bless the food in Spanish and say a couple other basic phrases. A couple more exchanges in Spanish work, and I’ll be fluent! 😉 We had lunch at an all-you-can-eat chinese buffet and check out the fortune cookie I got…. O_o

fortune cookie
Then three hours later, we had a dinner appointment where a member made us homemade Salvadorian food. Very tasty, but soooo full.

On Saturday, we did a zone service project at a park near our house and picked up trash. It was a beautiful day, and it was fun to work with the other missionaries! We found some very interesting things! Like coconuts, an iPhone, some flower pots…. We got pretty scratched up trying to grab some of the garbage that had flown into the bushes. One elder got scraped so bad he had to get stitches! Anyways, please keep the earth clean, my friends. Put your garbage in the garbage can. Thanks 🙂
zone service project

and i did suffer much affliction in the wilderness

My shoulder has been bugging me my whole mission, and I finally went to go get it checked out. Turns out my shoulders are just too flexible and they don’t have the muscle strength to support them. Or something like that. I don’t know a single thing about the body. Anyways, I’ve been going to physio and hopefully in 8 more weeks I’ll be all better! I get headaches from multiple sources, but the muscles in my neck and shoulder certainly don’t help. My head hurt preetttty bad this week for a couple days, so I just studied with an ice pack on my forehead and all was well! Looked kinda funny though. 🙂

On Sunday, we watched a broadcast from Salt Lake for the North America North East area, which means that some of my friends serving missions in this part of the world were watching it too! It was pretty fun to listen to stories that took place near the area that I’m serving. Something that really stood out to me were some questions that Larry S. Kacher posed to all of us… “What does it mean to be truly converted? Am I truly grateful for the eternal blessings available through the gospel? What does it mean to me to have the fullness of the gospel in my life?” The answers to those questions are what I would say is the most valuable thing that I’ve learned on my mission…. Are we taking these things for granted? Let me just remind you once again how AWESOME it is that we know why we’re here. If you’re not familiar with the Latter-Day Saint understanding of why we’re here, then here’s a great 3 minute video for you 🙂 Even if you do know, watch it anyways. https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2011-06-06-our-eternal-life?lang=eng Because I know this plan, I have true joy. I know that no matter what happens, I can ask God for direction and guidance. I know that I am one of His precious spirit children, and He knows who I am. Words can’t even really describe how grateful I am for this knowledge… As a missionary here in the beautifully diverse GTA, I’ve had the privilege of conversing with many people from around the world who have varying views about the purpose of life and why we’re here. I’ve noticed that for the most part, our religious understandings are very similar. Entirely opposing at some points, but the basic theme is the same. Whether you’re Catholic, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, or Mormon, we can all basically agree that we’re here to learn. I just wish that everyone had a deeper understanding of what that really means! We’re here to learn, to progress, to grow, to help, to lift, to inspire, and most importantly, to prepare for eternal life. There are eternal blessings available through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The things we learn and experience in this life will carry with us into the next. Never procrastinate an opportunity to do good. Never procrastinate an opportunity to turn to Christ. We can live with our families forever. This life is not the end. We have divine potential. I know that is true. And I have complete faith that God has a plan for each one of you.
Skills and Interviews


I also have faith that everything is going to work out with my school application. Even if it is stressing me out entirely at the moment. 😛

Love you all 🙂
Sister Davidson


One thought on “What Does It Mean to Me?

  1. Thank you for your powerful testimony… You are a remarkable girl! It can be very hard to accept another’s way of doing things… even the Lord’s… good luck with all the school stuff!

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