You’re cute and Jesus knows you’re cute


This has been a week of errands! We had to drive to Etobicoke for an appointment for Sister Howle, to the other end of Brampton for a physio appointment for me, we were asked to pick up a sister and drive her to the airport, picked up another sister to spend the night with us and drive her to the mission home, we exchanged with the Newmarket sisters, and we had to go get an estimate for the dent on the side of our car (no, I wasn’t the one driving). So, we lost a lot of proselyting time as a result…

But! The Lord provides! The Heartlake Elders met the coolest guy, R, on the bus! And he just so happens to live in our area! He’s so excited to soak everything in and be cleansed of his past. There are so many people in the world who are weighed down by their past mistakes 😦 It’s so sad! Christ already suffered for you! What a unique opportunity I have as a missionary to show people how they can be freed from those feelings of guilt and shame. Speaking of that… here’s a wonderful video on that very topic!

Also, last preparation day, we were in our car getting ready to leave the church parking lot, when a lady tapped on our car window. She wanted to know if it would be disrespectful to walk on the temple grounds, or if it would be okay for her to wander around. Turns out, she went to the temple open house over 20 years ago, and still remembers the profound peace she felt there. She’s currently staying at the hospital across the street, and needed to find a place of solitude for a while. Of course, we encouraged her to walk around as much as she’d like, and then later in the week we met with her and taught her the Restoration! Her name is JN. And she’s the sweetest lady ever.

The most prepared people are honestly the ones who wander around the church grounds. Here’s another example for you for something that happened this week…
V is a painter, and he painted the home of an LDS family a while ago, who had a picture of the Toronto temple on their wall. So, V decided to go to the source to figure out what it was all about. During the stake relief society activity on Saturday, he just walked into the chapel. Luckily, we crossed paths with him just as we were on our way out and were able to answer all his questions and leave him with a restoration pamphlet and a copy of the Book of Mormon! It’s such a blessing to have a temple so close by.
cards on cars

How many people wander around the church buildings when we’re not here?! I’m starting to think it might be more effective to just hang out at the chapel all day!

A tooonnn of people park in our church parking lot to go to the hospital across the street, since it’s free. We’ve noticed this and started leaving invitations to church on their car doors πŸ™‚ Thanks for parking! Hope to see you at church!

I heard once upon a time that it’s a Canadian thing to remove your shoes upon entering another person’s home. But here in Ontario more often than not, people ask us to leave our shoes on. Or, they give us some fluffy floral slippers to wear πŸ˜›

The flowers and leaf buds on the trees literally grew overnight. Welcome, spring time!
Bruce- The Bunny of Brampton

I guess milk bags actually can serve some sort of purpose. At the stake relief society day, they made mats out of weaving together milk bags. They’ll be used for people to sleep on in Haiti.
Milk Bag Beds

We did another zone service project this week, where we helped clean up the Churchville Cemetary. We got to wear the Mormon Helping Hands vests again πŸ™‚

We’ve been trying to work with the members more often, so we met with Brother M, a senior member of our ward. I think he told us 12 times during our half-hour visit that he and his wife served 7 proselyting missions, and that he wouldn’t tell us how many people he baptized because his wife always told him that wasn’t very tactful. Then he told us anyways πŸ˜› He also gave us some marriage advice and cautioned us to never marry a “rat.” But he assured us that we’re cute, and Jesus knows we’re cute, so He’ll make sure that we marry good men. We also helped him put on his socks.
brother m

And! We had our last exchange of the transfer. Hermana Ridgway from Utah came with me to Brampton. We had a very exciting day together with all kinds of unexpected surprises!
hna ridgway

This transfer I was blessed to serve with a wonderful district. From left to right… Sister Howle (Texas), me, Sister Stuart (Utah), Sister Stoker (Utah), Sister Guzman (I actually can’t remember…), Sister Reeves, (Utah), Elder Vang (California), Elder Fjeldsted (Utah), Elder Gibb (Alberta), Elder Roberts (Alberta)
district 11

Oh yeah, so, entering into my second to last transfer. #what. They’re opening up three new Sister Training Leader areas this transfer, and shipping off Sister Howle to open one of them in Barrie. I’m sticking around here in Brampton with Sister Arnold! Sister Mencarelli trained her and I’m so excited to be her companion πŸ™‚ With the new Sister Training Leader areas, we only have to go on 3 exchanges per transfer instead of 9! That will be a great stress-reducer!!! Then maybe I’ll be able to start keeping track of what’s going on in our area πŸ˜› There’s been a lootttt of changes this transfer. Our mission culture is shifting, and I’m very excited!

There is a lot of evil in this world, my friends. I’ve seen too much of it this week. I would just like to testify that obedience to God’s commandments keeps us safe from that evil. The more righteous we are, the harder Stand tries to pull us down. But less is his ability to do so as we diligently obey what God has asked us to do. God does not, will not, and never has, given us commandments for His personal benefit. The commandments are for us. Obedience to them sets us free. It protects us from danger. God knows the keys to happiness and has given them directly to us. As Elder L. Tom Perry said, “Men and women receive their agency as a gift from God, but their liberty and, in turn, their eternal happiness come from obedience to His laws.” Sometimes we know what we should do, but choose not to because we may rationalize it away by saying “oh, it’s not a big deal. Coffee really isn’t that bad for you. I can skip church just this once. Telling this little white lie won’t harm anyone.” Any of these sort of things sound familiar? Our handy-dandy missionary white handbook cautions us: “Situations that seem harmless at the beginning can quickly lead to serious problems.” Amen amen amen. As Elder Uchtdorf said, “We might find ourselves asking, ‘Do we really need to obey all of God’s commandments? My response to this questions is simple: I think God knows something we don’t.” Of course we need to follow every guideline given from Heaven. Of course we need to sustain the prophet. Of course we missionaries need to be out of our apartment by exactly 10am and in by 9pm. Do you want happiness? Do you want peace? Then put God’s will before your own and do what He’s counselled. Be obedient.
Okay I’m done.

Well, family, friends, former companions, strangers, and acquaintances… you’re amazing. Choose the right, okay? Scripture power is the power to win. Don’t you forget it. I’m excited to tell you all about Sister Arnold next week πŸ™‚

Love you all!
Sister Davidson


2 thoughts on “You’re cute and Jesus knows you’re cute

  1. You will never regret this decision to serve a mission.Β  Look forward to your return. Keep up the enthusiasm and righteous endeavors. Love grandma d

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  2. Time is flying by! Love reading your thoughts and your testimony.

    P.S. You are cute… and definitely won’t marry a rat!

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