The Highest and Holiest Calling

My friends, can I just tell you for a second how wonderful it is to be a missionary? This week was beautiful! Green grass, blossoming trees, 33 degrees, and a ton of humidity. The humidity part is pretty gross. You just feel sticky alllll the time….

Our kilometer allotment got cut in half this transfer, so we’ve been trying to walk around a lot more. It’s been wonderful! We talk to way more people, get more vitamin D, and maayyybbeee I’ll be a little more in shape by the time I go home?

Sister Arnold is a boss. We both like to just get it done. She’s obedient, she’s a great teacher, and she loves to be clean and organized. 🙂 Phase 2 of apartment clean sweep is well under way…

New Companion
New Companion

We took Sister Mak to the airport this week. She had to wait a couple hours for her flight to Hong Kong so she hung out with us for the morning. She’s such a great missionary. She lifted a lot of people here in Toronto during her 18 month stay.

Sister Mak
Sister Mak

I can’t remember if I mentioned this last week, but they opened up 3 new Sister Training Leader areas this transfer, so we only go on 3 exchanges per transfer instead of 9. 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I love love love exchanges, but it certainly is nice to be in your area more consistently.


There’s an expectation for the leaders of the mission to have vibrant proselyting areas, which adds a bit of pressure! But it’s been super motivating for me and Sister Arnold to work our absolute hardest and be an example to the sisters in our zone. BRAMPTON IS BUILDING! This week, we found 5 glorious new investigators who are all so excited to learn about the restored gospel. They all have such different backgrounds and experiences, but they’re all seeking to gain a stronger relationship with their saviour.

We’ve also been busy working with our recent converts and returning members. Because of meeting schedules and trips to the airport, Sister Arnold and I didn’t get companionship study until Saturday… so we had to teach all our lessons without much preparation. The mother and the sons of one family that we’ve been working with, (the Ms) have been coming to church fairly consistently for the past couple weeks, but we haven’t been able to meet with Brother M. On Saturday, he was home! We gathered the whole family together and taught them about Family History, using the My Family booklets. Sister Arnold and I hadn’t even planned to use the booklets, but it was 100% guided by God, and they were all excited to prepare family names to take to the temple by the end of this month! AND THEN all four of them came to church on Sunday! And their sons passed the sacrament! It just made my heart so happy. They’re such a precious family.

Other cool things… One of our recent converts, D, has been struggling. He just can’t let go of his past. It’s been hard for him to accept the atonement and accept that he has been forgiven of his past transgressions. Because of that, he hasn’t felt worthy to come to church =/ Sometimes that hardest part of repentance is forgiving yourself. Anywho, we adjusted our plans and taught him in his home teacher’s home, thanks to a last minute whisper from the Spirit. And it was GREAT. Oh man we absolutely cannot do this work without the help of the members! The Brampton ward is FANTASTIC at stepping in and wrapping up our new members into their arms. D came to church on Sunday. 🙂

Remember the lady that was walking around the church, looking for service times? And then she came to church? Well she showed up to Relief Society out of the blue, and one of the members introduced her to us to make sure we met her. Why yes, we do know L, we invited her haha. And then at the meet and greet after church, I think every single member of the ward introduced themselves to her. And we didn’t even have to ask anyone! The Brampton ward is amazingggg!!!!

Sister Arnold is from Kaysville, Utah. She’ll hit her 9 month mark this week (and I’ll hit my 16 month mark… what?!). And like I said, she’s great. I have a feeling we’re going to see a bajillion miracles this transfer. 🙂

Sister Hawryluk showed up in our ward yesterday. 🙂


We got to skype with our families yesterday. 🙂 My mom was out of town for a leadership conference, so I had to call my parents separately. I gave a majority of the time to my mom, seeing as it was mother’s day and all, and I could have talked to her forever. I love my mom! She is absolutely my best friend. Being out on my own on my mission, I’ve been able to notice things that I’ve picked up from my parents. Little habits here and there, or things that I say, mannerisms I do…. I can see a lot of my mom in myself haha. I love my mom. She has made countless sacrifices for me and my family. She has been a rock and a support for me while I’ve been out on my mission. Her unwavering testimony and devotion to God are an incredible blessing for me. God knew that I needed a good mother, so He gave me the best. 🙂 I sent the link to this last year, but go watch it again and share it with all of your beautiful mothers

Throughout my mission, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many families. Families that are strong in the gospel, families that have never heard of God, families that know the gospel but don’t live it…. Let me just testify to you that a family that prays together stays together. There is no comparison! The gospel is here to bless families. Families are the basic social unit of God’s eternal plan. The family is the best place to learn and apply the principles of the gospel. I’ve also been able to work with families who are learning to apply the principles of a Christ centred home. Those ones are my favourite- the change in them is undeniable. They’re happier, more unified, they glow… literally! They glow! Their homes are peaceful, beautiful places to be. There are also many families who think they’re doing just fine without God. Truth be told, they probably are! But there’s more available. It’s like how your eyes adjust to a dimly lit room. Once you’ve been in there for a while, you think you can see everything just fine. Until you walk outside into a beautiful sunny day and your eyes need to readjust. And then your realize that there’s more light! It can get brighter than you thought! There’s more happiness available for you and your family. True, lasting joy. I am a witness that that joy is found in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The father of one recently reactivated family spoke in church just yesterday for Mother’s Day, and he testified of the remarkable difference the gospel has made in his home. It’s such a beautiful thing. However, because Satan knows how fundamental families are to God’s plan, he is making a concentrated attack on them. I don’t think I need to list off the many ways he’s accomplishing this. We’ve all witnessed the heartache of broken homes of friends, families, or acquaintances. It just breaks my heart. The doctrine as stated in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” is simple, and clear. As we live according to the words of the prophets (and those words come directly from God), we can help secure our families against the fiery darts that the devil will try to throw at us. I’m so grateful that I was raised in a Christ-Centred home. I’m so blessed to have righteous parents who love and support me. I’ve seen too many broken homes, and worked with too many bitter children, parents, and spouses… I’m all too aware that family life most of the time, isn’t the ideal. But I also know that as we do everything in our power to teach and live correct principles, that we will have peace in our hearts and comfort in our souls as we stand up against the adversary. We will rise off conqueror in the midst of our trials. Family is everything.

So, go tell your parents that you love them, okay? 🙂

Love you all,
Sister Davidson


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