The blessings of serving near a temple


What a week.
So this week we had another service project where we helped plant a vegetable garden. I’ve noticed that all of these service projects involve various homemaking skills…. Next week we’re helping prepare a meal for a Relief Society activity. God must be preparing me for my next stage in life or something O_o

ttcI GOT A TTC TIE. So the bus drivers in toronto have a uniform, which includes a tie. It’s like a mark of accomplishment as a missionary to get a tie from a TTC (Toronto Transit Comission) driver. I spent SIX TRANSFERS in Toronto and never got one. But then! We were in walmart last preparation day and there was a TTC driver in full uniform doing his groceries! So I asked him for his tie, and HE GAVE IT TO ME. !!!!!! I’m very excited about this. You have no idea.

This week was so crazy busy that we STILL haven’t done weekly planning… (which is supposed to take place on Thursday morning for three hours and helps prepare you for the week ahead).

But it’s been SO GOOD. We’ve been focusing on working with the ward council members and it’s been very fruitful! We’ve received a TON of assignments. There’s three sets of missionaries in our ward and yet somehow at ward council on Sunday, we wound up with all of the assignments. We even tried to pass an assignment to the elders since it’s in their area of the ward, but they specifically requested that sisters go. Haha well it’s keeping us busy!

We made these thank you cards to send to people in our ward 🙂thank you

My shoulder is getting stronger from physio. It’s still cracking, but causing me less grief than before, so that’s good.

One of the perks of serving in Brampton is that you’re closer to the mission home! So President and Sister Clayton came to three of our appointments on Thursday. I respect them a lot. They are just such great people.

We went to the Family History centre this week with one of our investigators, C. What a wonderful resource that place is. We got him signed up on family search and we were able to find 7 more generations on his father’s line that he didn’t know about! He’s pretty excited. Also, he came to church! For all three hours! And loved it!

Also on Sunday, our investigator M surprised us by showing up for sacrament meeting! The Elder’s Quorum President’s friend came to church again this week as well with his mother. 🙂

Remember R&M? Well M had to work this week so he didn’t come to church. But R did! AND she got her temple recommend!!! We’re going to go to the temple with her on Wednesday to do baptisms. 🙂

The Hungarian woman, M, is coming to the temple as well! She was baptized two years ago in Hungary and has never been to the temple before. We helped her do some family history this week to prepare some names, and she has 7 names ready to go for Wednesday. Her English isn’t too good so we have a hard time communicating sometimes, but anyone could’ve felt the spirit in that room as she looked at the ordinance request with tear filled eyes. She was in awe that she’ll have the privilege to be baptized on behalf of her ancestors. She is probably the most excited I’ve ever seen anyone be to go to the temple!

We went to go drop by a elderly sister in our ward this week, Sister S. I think I may have written about her before… anyways, she lives in a nursing home and we caught her just as she was going in the elevator to go up to her room. She was having a really tough day and was really down in the dumps. She’s usually the cheeriest person I’ve ever seen! But she started crying as she expressed that she was just feeling especially lonely today. So we went up to her room with her and she showed us some cards she’s made, and we read some scriptures with her. At the end of our visit, she was back to her smiley self. I really felt like an instrument in the Lord’s hands that day. He’s so aware of each of us, and he knew that Sister S needed some comfort, so he sent us over just in the nick of time.

The M family is another family we’ve been working with to help prepare them to go to the temple. Two months ago they were completely off the radar, but now, they have family names prepared and a goal to go to the temple in a few weeks. =) The fed us Filipino food this week! Soo good. The noodle stuff they make (I dunno what it’s called…) will forever remind me of my mission.

We taught Young Women’s this week! The lesson was on receiving personal revelation. I think it went really well. The mission really teaches you a lot about how to prepare and teach a lesson! I’m super grateful for that. We showed this video, which I think is pretty stellar.

Sorry, I feel like this email is kinda rushed. But, just know that I love you all!

Also, since I live closer to the mission office, I get mail now every Monday. … hint hint…. 😉

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One thought on “The blessings of serving near a temple

  1. Wow… I feel out of breath and I only just read it!! You are amazingly busy and focused and the people you are serving are being blessed by your ability to do both! Lucky folks!

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