We Stand On Guard For Thee

Oh haaaay Darell, how you doin?

So I hear that the Edmonton mission has iPads now…. I’m pretty convinced that the Canada Toronto Mission will never see those nifty devices.

Anyways, we had zone conference this week. It’s so fun seeing all my missionary friends at these big meetings 🙂 The Pan Am games are coming to Toronto in July. I’ve never heard of them before, but it sounds like some of the games will be olympic qualifiers! Doesn’t sound like it’ll affect Brampton too much 😦 But someone came to zone conference to talk about how the Toronto missionaries can help out. There’s gonna be a ton of people from south america there, so the Spanish and Portuguese missionaries especially are very excited! On Wednesday, we helped out with the community garden again and the Pan Am torch relay came through where we were gardening. It reminded me of when the Olymic torch came through Strathmore. Except… less exciting.

pan am torch

Back to zone conference! So, it was my last zone conference ever… that was weird. Actually, that’s a lie. It wasn’t really that weird. 😛 I expected this whole “going home” thing to be weirder than it is. I only have 4 weeks left and I feel strangely at peace about it… Since it was my last zone conference, that meant that I bore my departing testimony. I remember the testimony that I gave when I first arrived in the mission field… and I remember saying something along the lines of, “I dunno why I’m in Toronto, but here I am!” And as I gave my departing testimony, I was far more confident that I am standing where the Lord needs me to be.

Half-way to zone conference, I realized that I wasn’t wearing a name tag…. luckily I had a pocket pag on my scriptures that kind of fit on my cardigan haha. Rookie mistake.

As we were driving home from zone conference, I got suuuper tired and had a bit of an itchy throat. Well, that itchy throat turned into a full blown cold 😡 Wednesday I was pretty sniffly, and Thursday just knocked me out. I slept for like, half the day :/ My lovely companion updated records and set up appointments while I tried to recover. I needed to feel better because we were supposed to exchange with the YSA sisters on Friday!

As we were walking around a neighbourhood one night this week, we saw some people having a get together in their yard. We stopped to talk to them, and one by one people started to leave. Fine then!! But, Joan and Cheryl stayed to listen to us. Turns out, they’ve always been very curious about the temple and the Mormons. We were able to answer many of their questions and dispel a few misconceptions about our faith haha. We met with Joan later in the week, and she said that she’s felt for a long time like something was missing from her church and she thought that it was no coincidence that we stopped to talk to her. She recognized us as an answer to her prayer! Cheryl also freaked out when I told her that she had the same name as my mom haha. “There are no coincidences!” she said. They’re pretty cool! We hope to give them a tour of the temple grounds this upcoming week!

By Thursday night I was feeling a little bit better. I got colds almost every month back home, and I’ve certainly been blessed on my mission to rarely get sick! This has definitely been the worst cold I’ve had to fight in the last year and a half. God gave me the strength that I needed to exchange with Sister Turley on Friday. I love YSA work! It’s so fun! We talked to people at York University’s campus, and one guy that we talked to wanted to take a selfie with us for his new instagram page haha. He’ll be baptized one day!

We met with some returning members and recent converts, whose testimonies are just so strong! It was so wonderful to hear how the gospel has changed their lives. We also had dinner at their bishop’s house, who served as a mission president in New Zealand. Sister Turley is such a great missionary. She challenged me to contact someone using the Law of Chastity pamphlet… something we don’t normally do! But honestly, we need to be talking about the law of chastity more often! I had a lovely conversation with a guy about how families are being torn apart because people just aren’t observing the law of chastity like they ought to. God’s laws don’t change, my friend.https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2011-07-004-i-choose-to-be-pure?lang=eng Anyways, Sister Turley and I had quite a fun day 🙂 Even if I was downing some Buckley’s every 4 hours…
sister turley exchange-1

God helped me get through Friday, but by Saturday I felt like death again. Ugh.

Every Saturday, our zone congregates in one area and finds new investigators for a companionship. This week we all went to our area. We take different youth with us every week, and this time we took a 15 year-old mia maid. It poured for the whole. two. hours. Definitely didn’t help my health. But we were determined to show her that missionary work is fun, even in the pouring rain! When it rains in Brampton, it pouurrs. And it pours hard! It’s a warm rain though. Absolutely everything in Sister Arnold’s bag got soaked. So if you’re looking for a bag to buy for your mission, make sure it’s waterproof! We found two new people to teach with our Mia Maid friend. Poor girl didn’t even have a proper rain coat on… but on Sunday, she found us in the hall and said, “Hey, I have a question for you guys! Can I come with you again next week?” Needless to say, we were pretty surprised! She’s gonna be a stellar missionary in 4 years.
mia maid

We met with Brother S almost every day this week. He’s really struggling with smoking! But we set some goals and made some plans and he’s determined to kick this habit! He wants to be baptized so badly, and smoking is the only thing holding him back!

Our bishop has started assigning ward indexers as a calling, and he’s asked us to help people get set up. Which meant that we had to learn how to index pretty quickly! My word it’s so difficult! How do people read all this crazy handwriting?! Good thing there’s some amazing youth in our ward who can help us out.

Our mission president texted us at 11pm one night and said “Please call me in the morning.” Well sister Arnold and I didn’t sleep all night because we were too busy speculating what he could possibly want us to call him about! It’s not normal for president to text you after lights out! So we called him first thing in the morning and it wasn’t a big deal at all haha. He just wanted our opinion on something. All that worrying for nothing.

One of our investigators (I’m pretty sure I’ve written about him before) is just so filled with false doctrine that it’s hard to teach him. He’s read every book of scripture he can get his hands on, yet for some reason he’s having a hard time getting through the Book of Mormon… He was raised Catholic, but doesn’t align himself with that faith anymore. Every time we ask him a question, he starts his answer with, “Well, my dad was catholic. And his father was catholic. And the one before him was catholic. My uncle was catholic! And it’s done all of them well…” and then he drifts off onto some tangent that doesn’t have anything to do with what we asked him…. I don’t understand why he says that because he doesn’t follow Catholicism at all. Don’t know how much longer we’ll teach him for 😛 He’d be such a kingdom builder though if he’d just read the Book of Mormon…

By the time Sunday rolled around I was stiillllll sick. And we were supposed to sing a musical number with the Elders 😦 We sang the efy medley, but with missionary lyrics. The men’s part was the same, but the Sisters’ part had missionary lyrics. And instead of saying “We will be the Lord’s missionaries” we said, “We are now the Lord’s missionaries.” I prayed really hard that God would clear my sinuses for those four minutes and I think it turned out okay! It must’ve been alright, because after sacrament meeting, we were asked to sing at the fireside that evening as well as for a baptismal service for a primary child right after church. 😛

Brother S came to church, and to the baptism 😀

The fireside in the evening was put on my our mission president and his wife. I got to see all my Mississauga friends and Toronto missionaries! And, my Polish ESL friend from Mississauga came! She’s read the Book of Mormon THREE times in Polish, and is now starting to read it in English!! She’s planning on being baptized next month. 😀

Happy Canada Day, everyone!! I’ll be in our Mission Leadership Council meeting all day long, so that’s kinda lame… but I’ve already got my red and white outfit all picked out 😉 We Sang O Canada for our intermediate hymn at church on Sunday, and the American missionaries were the only ones using hymn books… Sister Arnold and I will be singing O Canada every morning in companionship study until she’s got it memorized. 😉

Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,
Hold our Dominion, in thy loving care.
Help us to find, O God, in thee,
A lasting rich reward.
As waiting for a better day,
We ever stand on guard.
God keep our land, glorious and free.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!

Happy Canada Day! I love you all!
Sister Davidson


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