Corner of Church Street and Rebellion Way

Happy Canada Day! We’re singing O Canada every morning in companionship study until Sister Arnold has it memorized 🙂
MLC Canada Day

Speaking of Sister Arnold, it’s her birthday today! Sister Griffin’s birthday was July 7th last year, so it’s two years in a row that my companion and I get to celebrate our birthdays together in the same transfer 🙂

Barrie Exchange
Barrie Exchange

We started out our week with an exchange with the Barrie Sister Training Leaders. We set our GPS to “shortest route” to try and save on kilometers, and it took us on this crazy scenic route on a bunch of back roads. It was very pretty, though! I never realized how flat Alberta truly was until I came to Ontario! We found ourselves on the corner of Church St and Rebellion Way at one point! Made the detour totally worth it.

I stayed in Barrie with Sister Howle for exchanges. So I got to be her companion again for the day! She’s going home three weeks after I am, so it was good to talk to her about going home. We had an hour drive on the way back to Brampton, so we had a long time to talk. It was nice. 🙂

sister Training Leaders
sister Training Leaders

We exchanged the day before MLC, so we drove from Barrie to Brampton and we all slept over at our place, and the Brantford Sister Training Leaders stayed over as well. The Assistants live in a house with the Brampton Zone Leaders, and elders who have to drive far distances to get to MLC stay at their place the night before. Everyone refers to the assistants’ house as “The Mansion.” Since sisters stay at our place a lot too, we decided that our house deserves a cool name as well. So we named it “The Palace.” It’s gonna stick 😉

MLC happened on Canada day, so we were inside for most of the day. 😦 Of course, my companion and I dressed in red & white. In the evening, we went to the park where the Canada Day festivities were happening and invited people to come out to church. We saw more than one person in a Canada Day morph suit. #canadianpride

zone conference
zone conference

MLC was heavily focused on helping those we’re working with understand the doctrine of the Sabbath Day. We’ve discussed this a lot as a mission recently, so it must be important! Something interesting that Elder Holland said was something along the lines of, “Partaking of the sacrament is the only ordinance that we repeat for ourselves.” Think about it.


By Wednesday, I had FINALLY recovered from this stinkin’ cold.

‘Murica day happens to be Sister Arnold’s favourite holiday, so she forced me to wear red, white, and blue with her 😛 We also went to get ice cream, a tradition of hers. On the TV in McDonald’s, they had a blurb about Boyd K. Packer’s passing. When I first read it, I thought, “Oh yes, I heard about that.” And then I thought- “wait! not everybody’s Mormon!” Haha. I thought it was pretty cool that we caught that on national television. And then the lady that served us ice cream told us that she used to attend our church. Coincidence? I think not! Just means we’re gonna have to go get ice cream far more often.
Boyd K Packer

T requested a bible from, and we delivered it to him a few weeks ago. This week, we finally got in to teach him about the Restoration. He had several questions that he asked throughout the lesson to “test” us. He was looking for a few specific key points of doctrine- truths that had already been confirmed to him through the spirit. For example, he asked if we believed in the trinity. After we answered no, he said, “Good answer. If you got that one wrong, I wouldn’t listen to you any more!” Another question he asked was, “What happened to Moses?” T is very familiar with the Bible. We know from the Book of Mormon that Moses was translated, and I found it interesting that that was the answer he was looking for, because in Deuteronomy, it talks about how Moses was buried. But T was confident that the spirit told him that Moses was translated, and was elated when he discovered that we believe the same. He asked us several more questions like that throughout the lesson, and every time, our answers were the ones he was looking for. The Spirit definitely brought scripture references to my remembrance during that lesson, because I’ve never been very good at remembering where to find scriptures. But every time he asked a question, I knew where to find the reference. It was very fitting, since we had just had training about using the scriptures to answer questions. The spirit was definitely felt in that lesson, and we’re very excited about Brother T!

Brother S is all set for baptism whenever he can find the strength to quit smoking. He’s trying so hard! He gave us his coffee this week 😀 Keep him in your prayers.

The Visitors’ Centre for the temple here in Brampton is very under-used. So we decided to try and pull in as many people as possible on Saturday. All the missionaries in the zone came to contact on and around the temple grounds, and we were actually able to get a couple people off the streets to come watch a video about the temple! So many people walk by our temple every day and have no idea what it’s all about. We even set up a stand on the street saying “Ask a Mormon.” We blew bubbles to try and attract attention haha. It was fun! We’re hoping to use the Visitors’ Centre much more frequently in the coming weeks!

Brampton zone
Brampton zone

4 Bubbles

ask a mormon

We had dinner with the temple president’s family this week. You can see three of my areas from the view in his apartment (Toronto, North York, and Mississauga). The picture kinda stinks, but if you look reeaally closely, you can see the CN tower. I forget how close we are to Toronto sometimes.

View all three areas
View all three areas

Make good choices!
Sister Davidson


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