Who Needs Weekly Planning Anyway?

Last night it hit me that this is my last week in the field…

I’m really sad!! SO MANY good things are happening in Brampton!! We’ve been busy busy busy and sooo many people are progressing in the gospel. I just want to be able to stay here forever and keep working with everyone! It feels like I’m getting emergency transferred to Rainbow Valley Ward. 😛 I guess they need me, too.

On Wednesday, I hit my official 18 month mark since entering the MTC. I decorated my planner for the occasion…
Transfer 13 Planner

Naturally, I had to make my planner for my last transfer a special one.
July 15th

Brother S. Still smoking. Still not giving up, though. Keep praying for him. The ward council is awesome and has already assigned him home teachers 😀

All of our other investigators are progressing beautifully as well. =)

The stake high councilman and his companion came to speak in our ward last Sunday. His name was Brother Davidson, and he brought his son to come speak with him, who had just recently returned from a mission. The son talked a bit about his own family history, so I went up to him afterwards and asked if his ancestors were from Denmark. Turns out that his dad is cousins with Grandpa Davidson. Small world!

We went to our community garden again this week (which is growing beautifully!), and it started to POUR on us part way through. The funny thing is that it didn’t even phase the missionaries. They all just kept working along, harvesting and sorting the crop in the downpour while Sister Arnold and I labelled bags in the shelter of the shed. 😛

Our zone got together early Friday morning to play soccer, and I realized how different missionaries are from other people in our same age group. No one curses when they miss a shot, or when the other team scores a goal. No one’s keeping score, or being aggressive. The overall the conversation is uplifting (with a little bit of friendly trash talk, of course). Everyone’s dressed modestly, and there’s no flirting, or gossiping. It’s just like getting together with your cousins, or something. It’s kind of annoying when you’re the only sister on a team, though because you know no one is going to try to stop you when you go for a goal since no one can touch you haha. It has been very refreshing to be surrounded by missionaries for the past year and a half. Everyone is just trying their best to be consecrated disciples of Jesus Christ!

It has been lovely to be completely immersed in the gospel every second of every day for the past year and a half. The thought of going into the real world without a name tag on is a little terrifying!

While I was in Mississauga, we were teaching an ESL student from Poland about the gospel. I remember our first lesson we just focused on who God was and how to pray. She refused to pray, even in her native tongue. She has continued to learn about the gospel since I left, and I got to see her a couple times on exchanges and at stake events. She’s read the Book of Mormon THREE times in Polish. We email pretty frequently, because I love her a lot!! On Saturday, I got permission from our mission president to surprise her and attend her baptism in Mississauga. Another recent convert that I taught while I was there baptized her. WHAT A BLESSING it was to be able to witness! And she was so happy to see us there! Highlight of the transfer for sure.

We were in the gas station one day this week and saw a man in there who Sister Arnold and I thought looked like he could be a Mormon. He looked like a normal guy, he just had an air of “mormonness” about him. I dunno how to explain it. Anyways, he opened the door for us as we were leaving and said, “Have a good day, Sisters!” Yep. He was Mormon. Him and his family were visiting from the States for a few days. We really do stand out from the crowd, even if it’s only subtly. Modesty is a rarity. On that note, has anyone else noticed that smoking seems to be increasing in popularity again?

An investigator that Sister Howle and I taught showed up to church out of no where yesterday. She wanted to talk to the Bishop about volunteer opportunities in a church office. Bishop cleverly told her about indexing! So we’re going to help get her set up with that on Thursday! A returning member that we’re working with has become addicted to indexing as well. It’s helping to strengthen her desire to return to the temple!

Sister Arnold and I finally finished compiling a standardized temple tour outline for the missionaries. There’s so much symbolism to the temple exterior that I never knew about! Hopefully the missionaries in the Brampton zone will be able to give many more temple tours soon =)

We exchanged with the Hermanas this week. Hermana Sandorf from Utah came to hang out with me in English work for the day. We went to go by a referral from the ward council and found this lovely sign in the parking lot. Ain’t gonna let some sign get in our way. 🙂
Hermana Sandorf exchange

This week has been crazy. We’ve been trying to move out of our apartment for ages for a number of reasons, and finally we got a phone call Thursday night that we could move into our new place the next day…. so Hermana Sandorf and I went back home to pack up as much stuff as we could! Since it was so sudden, no one was available to help us move in. But not to worry- by Saturday morning, Sister Arnold and I had moved everything on our own. =) We now live in the basement apartment of a lovely couple in our ward. We’re excited!! Kinda unfortunate that I had to pack everything up, only to unpack and repack within the next week though…

Sister Arnold and I haven’t done weekly planning since week 2 of the transfer… which means we’ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off for most of the transfer! There’s so much to do! Which is great, but also kinda stressful! We arranged to go on splits a couple times this week to cover all of our appointments and ensure that we made time to plan, and yet somehow we still didn’t manage to get around to that…

We weren’t going to go on the zone blitz this week in order to plan, but then we felt bad for not supporting zone events. So we went and found a cool new investigator for the elders named Ruben. Ruben doesn’t like weekly planning either.

We did sharing time in Primary this week about how “Jesus Christ’s example teaches me how to live.” We played a matching game that we made of pictures and statements about what Christ taught. We were pretty impressed with ourselves for coming up with the idea on our own without even consulting Pinterest! It went very well! We now know all the primary children by name. =)

SO many good things are happening in Brampton. This area has flourished so much in the past couple of months. The ward is AWESOME!

So yes, this week was chaotic! And this email doesn’t even begin to describe half the details. We moved apartments, attended a baptism, taught tons of lessons, went on splits, had a couple of emergency companionship inventories, finished our temple tour, prepared sharing time, managed to squeeze in an exchange, and finish weekly planning. Oh wait, nope- we still didn’t do weekly planning.

Well. Until next week!
Love you all!
Sister Davidson


One thought on “Who Needs Weekly Planning Anyway?

  1. Sister Davidson,Please calendar a temple tour of the Edmonton temple for your grandmother.  I am not aware of any of the symbolism outside the temple. Grandma.

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