Speaking From The Grave

Helloooo friends and family!!

I’m BACK. I’m home! I’m in Alberta!!

My last day as a missionary, Sister Arnold and I hosted FHE where we opened up the visitors’ centre and gave temple tours. So many people showed up, that we had to do it in two groups! It went so well! The spirit was strong! I’m so glad that we were able to test run our temple tour guide before I left! And I saw my Polish ESL friend from Mississauga one last time… She gave me the cutest teddy bear!

Perfect last day.

The next day, the departing missionaries (there were 16 of us) had an instruction which was basically about how to adjust to normal life. We learned about careers, and relationships, and then President and Sister Clayton spoke to us. My favourite thing that Sister Clayton said was, “It’s okay to be poor, as long as you have an objective.” That made me just a teeeeeny bit less nervous about paying for school.

Then we went to the temple. Departing missionaries always talk about receiving a confirmation that the Lord is pleased with their offering when they go to the temple on their last day. I sought for that. As I was sitting in the temple, waiting for this confirmation, I felt a lot of love for about one second. Then I felt like I should go. No sense lingering around- my time here was up. There is more work for me to do! Time to build the kingdom in Alberta.

Then, Sister Mandla, Sister Howle and I stayed up until who knows when talking in our bedroom in the mission home…

By 6am, we were out the door, on the way to the airport.

No companion by my side. And of course, I was “randomly selected” for a pat down. Ugh.

The flight attendant gave me a WHOLE can of diet coke on the plane. #tendermercies

And now I’m home. And it doesn’t feel as weird as I had feared it would…

I thought it’d be so weird to come home and call all these dead missionaries by their first names and to respond to my own first name…. But it’s actually not!
Although, I do still go to adjust my name tag when I put my bag on my shoulder 😦
Texting continuous conversations is weird. This whole “hey what’s up?” Conversation starter is preetttyy annoying. I’m way too used to using texts simply to confirm appointments!
Speaking of appointments, I’ve been on a few dates 😛

You know when you get out of an appointment and you have two missed calls and 5 texts and you’re like holy cow! We’re so popular! Well now it’s more like 7 texts, 10 Facebook notifications, 12 instagram updates…. etc. #popular #firstworldprobs Also. Texting with autocorrect is so stinkin hard.

When I got off the plane we had like 8 hours to kill before I got released, so we went shopping.. 🙂 I invited the guy who sold me running shoes to come to church. He might have thought I was asking him on a date….? #ALWAYSACOMPANIONSHIP

Three other cashiers that I saw were LDS! One was totally inactive. BUT NOT FOR LONG.

I was dying without mormon.org cards. I could’ve given so many away!!! Then I got my mom to text the elders in her ward and ask for some mormon.org cards and they were like, “uhhh we’ll have to order some from the mission office.” YOU DON’T HAVE SOME ON HAND?! Who are you?! Then my mom was telling me about an 18 year old girl that they’re teaching and I was like, “Hold up. Why isn’t she going to YSA!?” So I texted her and offered to drive her. 🙂 #1investigatoratchurch. Except she got called into work saturday night and couldn’t come anymore. =(


I’ve been so long without hashtags that I’m probably abusing my right to use them right now. #hatersgonhate

Well, I still remember all the words to my favourite songs. I still like the same music. I’m pretty much the same! Just… wiser 🙂

Love you all 🙂

Make Good choices!